Weekly Peace & Justice Updates

Weekly Updates: Below, please find our weekly Peace & Justice updates from Dominican Sisters of Peace Justice Promoter Kelly Litt. We invite you to participate and take action as you’re able.

Lenten Reflection

The season of Lent begins March 1. In this time of turmoil on so many fronts, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns offers this 2017 Lenten Reflection Guide.

5 Calls

Are you looking for a  simple way to make your voice heard about justice issues? Use this website, 5 Calls, to contact your legislators. 5 Calls will give you the phone numbers of your legislators as well as short scripts based on the issues you want speak about.

Action Alerts

From the League of Conservation Voters

From the League of Conservation Voters – Sign this petition to tell the Army Corps to complete the Environmental Impact Assessment on the Dakota Access Pipeline before the pipeline is completed.

From Bread for the World

From Bread for the World – Encourage your legislators to make funding decisions that put us on track to end hunger by 2030 and support vital anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs and policies. Click here to send a message or call your legislators today.