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Autumn and/or Fall

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="alignright" width="200"]Intro by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP Intro by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP[/caption] There’s something about the color red that commands attention: the bright red of the tail lights ahead of us in traffic; a stop light or sign that halts me when I'm in a hurry; the bright male cardinal flashing across my window; the sight of blood that sets off my inner alarms; the autumnal scarlet reds, yellows, oranges and greens against a clear blue sky that give me pause for silent awe and/or calls forth exclamations of wonder and thankfulness. A little over a week ago driving from Akron, Ohio to St. Catharine, Kentucky in the rain during what I thought was the height of autumnal colors, I regretted to see so many of the trees dropping their gorgeous red foliage so quickly. I wanted it to last longer! But much to my surprise, last Saturday when I slept in and woke to golden light glowing through my closed blinds, I hurried to open them and behold! Autumn had still more beauty to unveil, and it was right there in our yard! The ground was already covered with the blended colors of leaves from  trees that had embraced the Fall part of Autumn, reminding me that the beauty of this season must move through the letting go to be ready for winter’s cold wait for Spring newness. I’ve always felt a bit of resistance to the many "letting goes" of things beautiful, comfortable or good, even though my experience tells me more good is yet to come. autumn-out-my-windowI'm a bit like my friend Kate's cat. It was resting on the floor basking in the sun. Kate had prepared a pillowed basket nearer the window for it, and meant to move the cat to its new bed. The cat protested loudly, pawing the rug, and scratching Kate, but she prevailed. Soon the cat, over his initial fury, relaxed into a much nicer  place where he would not be stepped on or vacuumed! This is a time for me to fully enjoy the beauty, but remember Kate's cat when it's time to let go. The Dominican Associates leadership is in a time of change too, as we prepare to let go of one great Co-director (Associate Conni Dubick) and welcome another great person to this role (Associate Colette Parker). The Associates Council welcomes Associate Peggy Frank to represent Central Ohio and will also be welcoming more new members to represent two new areas as we let go of those resigning for health reasons or soon completing their six year terms. In our shared leadership model, Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates are invited to suggest names of persons to offer their gift of leadership. And we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit through every season, but especially as we embrace the beauty of NOW, and welcome the promise of TOMORROW!

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