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Let It Be So: Reflections on Current Justice Issues

Note from Kelly Litt, Justice Promoter: June 20th is World Refugee Day. As we remember those who risk their lives to find better opportunities for themselves and their families, may we continue to work toward comprehensive immigration reform and encourage all communities to be welcoming and safe areas of retreat for all immigrants, migrants, and refugees. See below for a reflection from Sr. Ellen Dunn, OP. [caption id="attachment_1627" align="alignright" width="186"] Blog by Ellen Dunn, OP[/caption] We Americans can co-operate or resist; we can ignore or pay close attention to what is happening on the American political scene today. In many ways, to my great surprise, people are waking up, standing up, speaking out, gathering together, taking steps to bring about change. Many are concerned that our freedoms and our deeply held values need to be protected in the face of possible threat. This is new behavior for most of us who tend to just roll along with the general population. Currently, it’s the ‘immigration’ issue that is driving most of the uprisings across the country. The implications of the whole immigration equation weigh heavily on us because of our DNA, our very roots as individuals and as a people, because we are Americans—sons and daughters of Lady Liberty. If one pictures the scales of Justice, it begins to be obvious that, pretty soon, the load will shift and matters will be sorted out – in favor of those in our midst who have been treated unjustly. Let it be so, America!

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