About Candidacy

“The Candidacy phase of the formation process formally welcomes the woman into the Congregation. It is a time of continuing discernment for Candidate and Congregation. It is a time for a Candidate to deepen her relationship with God and begin the transition to religious life or discern another calling. It is also an opportunity for the Congregation to welcome the Candidate as a potential new member and prepare itself for the ways in which the Candidate’s potential membership may renew the life of the Congregation. The length of Candidacy ranges from six months to two years. At the end of this phase, the Candidate may request entrance into the Novitiate.” (Dominican Sisters of Peace Formation Handbook)

During this period, you will be asked to move in with a local community and will begin meeting with a mentor and the congregation’s Formation Director. These two women will help you process and integrate what you are experiencing. Be gentle with yourself and be honest about how things feel for you. It is a journey, and your mentors and the sisters in the congregation are companions on your journey. You will have the opportunity to meet with your mentor on a weekly basis and with your Director of Formation periodically. At the end of this stage, you formally request entrance into the novitiate. You will prayerfully discern this next step with your Formation Director, Candidacy Mentor, and local community before meeting with the Leadership Team.

Note:  The symbol of books shown on this page, represents the Dominican Praise (our prayer book) and Bible you will receive when you become a candidate. As a candidate, you will study vowed religious life as a Dominican Sister of Peace.

As you move from the candidacy stage to the novitiate stage, here are some questions to aid your reflection on the stage completed:

  • How has it been since you entered religious life?
  • How is your prayer life? How is your relationship with God?
  • What keeps you afire to continue to live out God’s call? What has helped you to stay with your call?
  • What has been challenging? How have you addressed these challenges?
  • What has been your experience with community life? Do you feel you were able to become part of the community?


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