About First Profession of Vows

“During the time of Temporary Profession (First Profession of Vows), the vowed member seeks to deepen her Dominican Apostolic Life by continuing to interiorize and integrate all that she has learned and experienced during her time as a Candidate and Novice. The study program for those in Temporary Profession is designed according to the needs of the individual. Workshops, articles, and books on a variety of topics may be considered for study. The length of this phase is defined by Canon #655 “Temporary profession is to be made for a period defined in proper law; it is not to be less than three years nor longer than six.” “…The sister may request to be admitted to perpetual profession as a member of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. The Prioress, with the consent of the Council, admits the sister to perpetual profession.” (Constitution 32) “If it seems opportune, however, the competent superior can extend the period of temporary profession according to proper law, but in such a way that the total period in which the member is bound by temporary vows does not exceed nine years.” (Canon #657.2)” (Formation Handbook)

During this stage of discernment, you live into your vows day-by-day while you serve as an outward sign of God’s love in ministry and in community for the mission. With your mentor’s help, you will:

  • continue your discernment
  • develop skills for seeking peer support and for living in community
  • engage fully in congregational events
  • continue to deepen your relationship with God through prayers and retreat
  • serve through ministry
  • continue to study either in formal or informal ways.

Note:   The symbol shown on this page is our congregational logo. During the liturgy of your First Profession of Vows, you will receive our congregational pin or pendant and the Gospel of Matthew. The pin or pendant is an outward sign of your commitment as a Dominican Sister of Peace, and the Gospel of Matthew is a symbolic gift because St. Dominic carried this Gospel with him everywhere and knew it by heart.

As you prepare to enter the next stage of discernment and prepare your heart for the journey toward perpetual profession, you are invited to reflect on where you are at this time:

  • How have you experienced both the blessing and the difficulty of each of the vows? What is your current understanding of each?
  • How has your faith grown into a more personal relationship with God?
  • How have you been part of your local community and our congregation of Dominican Sisters of Peace?
  • Are there other thoughts or concerns that arise as you pray and discern this next stage in your discernment journey? If so, what are they and what, if anything, do you need in your discernment?

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