About Perpetual Profession of Vows

“Perpetual Profession completes the initial formation process. Each Perpetually Professed Sister has the primary responsibility for her continuing growth in intimacy with God and unity with all God’s people and all God’s creation through fidelity to her Dominican life of prayer, community, study and ministry.” (Formation Handbook)

Note:  During the liturgy of your Perpetual Profession of Vows, you will receive a ring, which symbolizes God’s everlasting love, the everlasting life we find in Christ, that God’s mercies are without end, and it also symbolizes that we take our vows perpetually.

As you embrace this stage in the formation process, here are some questions for you to pause and reflect on:

  • How do you offer God praise as a thanksgiving sacrifice?
  • How does living out God’s call as a vowed religious sister bring out your very best self?
  • What joys have you experienced since professing your first vows? How have you embraced them?
  • What challenges have you experienced since professing your first vows? How have you handled them?
  • What are your hopes or concerns for the future of our congregation?
  • How do you take part in responsibilities to carry on the Dominican mission?
  • How do you take responsibility for community? How are you part of community?
  • What continues to call you to live a life of prayer, study, community and ministry as a Dominican Sister of Peace? How do you respond to this call day-by-day?


I will offer to you a thanksgiving sacrifice and call upon your holy name. My vows to you I will fulfill in the presence of all your people.” (Psalm 116:17-18, Dominican Praise (DP) translation, DP p. 479)