Dominicans of Peace Proclaim With A Prophetic Voice

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

“We, the Dominicans of Peace, proclaim our mission to be a prophetic voice in solidarity with the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed. We, along with our Dominican Associates, commit our support to efforts to end human trafficking.” (2013 Corporate Stance)

Peace and justice issues have many faces, causes and responses. One critical issue that Pope Francis has addressed is human trafficking which he calls a “crime against humanity.” Daily we read social media and print news that describe the indignities that people around the world suffer with little chance to escape or change their exploitation as modern slaves.

Carolyn Woo, Executive Director of Catholic Relief Services offered these statistics: “As you read this, more than 12 million people-many hidden in plain sight- are enslaved around the world. Human trafficking exists in 161 countries, including the United States, and on an average only 1 person is convicted for every 800 trafficking cases world wide in the $32 billion industry. (Click here)

To help address this massive crisis, Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace have established a Congregational Human Trafficking Committee. Members plan local action, engage in legislative advocacy, and participate directly in civic and faith communities in responding to the many faces of human trafficking. This committee also works to inform and educate through social media, advocate for substantive laws that protect victims and hold accountable all who enable human trafficking. They also encourage the purchase of Fair Trade products that disrupt the slave labor supply chain and provide just wages for workers in developing countries.

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