Sr. Bea Tiboldi – Makes First Profession of Vows

beaprofessionSr. Beata (Bea) Tiboldi professed first vows amid a joyous celebration on Saturday, July 11 in the Akron Motherhouse Chapel, OH. Click here for photos.

Sr. Therese Leckert welcomed Bea’s American host family, friends, as well as Sisters and Associates to the Eucharistic Liturgy . With the presider, Rev. Gordon A. Yahner, Sr. Margaret Ormond, OP, Prioress, blessed the congregation with holy water. Readers were Srs. Joye Gros and Megan McElroy (Grand Rapids) Directors of the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in St. Louis, MO. Associate Madelein Breen led the responsorial psalm.

Sr. Margaret called the novice, Sr. Bea, to the altar while Formation Director, Sr. Cathy Arnold, invited Srs. Barbara Catalano and Amy McFrederick to bear witness to Sr. Bea’s readiness for first profession. Sr. Bea affirmed that she will witness trust, belief, and the generosity of God and then professed the vows of obedience, celibacy and poverty to God into Sr. Margaret’s hands.

Witnesses for Sr. Bea were Srs. Mary Faith Geelan and Diane Kozlowski. Sr. Margaret presented the Dominican pin to Sr. Bea as an outward symbol of her profession and presented to her the Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. She will continue to study, discern and live as a Dominican Sister of Peace.

The celebration then continued with Associate Conni Dubick leading the prayers of the faithful and the Presentation of the Gifts by Srs. Barb Kane, Margie Davis, Pat Twohill and Associate Jamie Singer. The beautiful music was led by musicians: Srs. Amy McFrederick, Robin Richard, June Fitzgerald and Associate Madeleine Breen. There were several of our discerners and candidates present to witness this great occasion. The celebration was video taped so that Sr. Bea’s family in Hungary and our Sisters and Associates who were unable to attend could view it at a later date.

The celebration continued in the dining room of the Motherhouse with a Hungarian themed feast and cake.

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