Diplomacy Not War

Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP
Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP

Most of us have followed the saga of the Iran Nuclear Treaty, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, with interest and concern. Some members of Congress were determined to stop it. It took a hard fought struggle to get the necessary votes to overcome a veto or a filibuster. This struggle has been and will continue to be a fact of life in our government. It can seem overwhelming and frustrating to ordinary citizens who want to see our government work.

There are many organizations who advocate for one issue or another. Their purpose is to educate voters on an issue and help them to advocate for that position. One such organization is Win Without War. The Peace and Nonviolence Committee has found this organization to be helpful in understanding many of the issues around diplomacy in the Middle East and other hot spots. Writing about this Iran Treaty, Win Without War stated on its website, “The national debate about the Iran deal has been about more than a nuclear agreement. This fight has tested our nation’s ability to resolve international disputes through diplomacy – not war – and diplomacy has prevailed. We urge our leaders to build upon this diplomatic victory to advance a more progressive foreign policy.” Over 70 organizations partnered with Win Without War to express their desire to use diplomacy not war to resolve this issue.

Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies totaling over 11 million members. Their focus is on opposing the US involvement in Afghanistan, wasteful military spending and the over-militarization of our foreign policy. They rally their members to engage in grass roots efforts to make diplomacy a priority. Please take a look at their website (www.winwithoutwar.com) to see what they do and how you can get involved in this important work. As we move forward, the Peace and Nonviolence Committee will also provide information and action that you can participate in.

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  1. Thank you Barbara for writing about this important organization. We will all benefit from our association with Win Without War.

  2. Thanks Barb! This is one organization that send me info and it is good to let congregational members know about it.

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