It’s Not About Flowers and Chocolate Love

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

Several roosters stood in front of the barn at the Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, OH, welcoming the Dominican Associates of Peace, Sisters, and guests to our Saturday morning gathering. Executive Director Nancy Wolf had invited us to Crown Point, which is a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, with a mission to integrate four core values of community, justice, spirituality and sustainability. It was the perfect setting for our program theme “St. Francis of Assisi and Laudato Si’.”

Beginning with the Catholic Climate Covenant video, we listened to Fr. James Martin, SJ, describe “The Ten Things You Need to Know About Pope Francis’ Encyclical” (click here). Our conversations focused on exploring personal connections to Ladauto Si’ and the pressing call to live more justly on the Earth. The list of “ten things to know” gives recognition to the fact that Laudato Si’ is spiritual, scientific and urges global dialogue and solidarity.

Associate Paul Layshock, OPA, led an excise on modeling world food distribution and nutrition comparing the United States and developing countries. Descriptive cards gave facts on availability of food, water, health care, etc. for the US and other countries. The question was then asked, “Imagine you are a parent of a teen age girl, what kind of opportunities will she find as she grows up?” The huge disparity in life circumstances was evident to all of us as we discussed the role of our personal decisions as consumers as well as state and federal government actions.

Another video message stressed the responsibility proclaimed by Pope Francis that we must share our wealth with the poor. The message was “it’s not about flowers and chocolate love, but the real love for one another in meeting the substantial needs of everyone on the planet.” We concluded the day with identifying actions and advocacy that each of us could do. We realized that it’s all about real love.

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