St. Mary’s Dominican High School – First High School in Country with SynDaver™ Surgical Model

DHS-SynDaverArrivalSt. Mary’s Dominican High School welcomed a new addition this week –  the SynDaver™ Surgical Model, becoming the first high school in the United States that has one. The SynDaver™ Surgical Model is an elaborate and sophisticated full-body surgical simulator. The model is a 3D jigsaw body puzzle with every muscle, bone, vascular component and organs removable and replaceable. It is programmable to simulate the circulatory system and will be used in the senior and junior Human Anatomy classes that are taught by science teacher Anjel Guitroz.

“We are excited to be the first high school in the nation to have the SynDaver™ Surgical Model which several medical schools use as part of their curriculum,” said Matthew Foss, Science Department Chair at Dominican. “It will allow our faculty to teach scale of the muscles, organs, and bones during their Human Anatomy classes. This is a complement to the classroom experience for our students. Thanks to the generosity of a benefactor, this addition was possible.”

The SynDaver™ is 66 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds (with the synthetic skin). When not in the classroom, it will reside in a 70”x 26” display storage tank that holds a weak chlorine bath. This wet storage keeps the gel of the muscles hydrated and provides an anti-microbial environment.

SynDaver™ Labs was founded in 2004 to commercialize a novel system of synthetic human body parts for the medical device industry. These sophisticated models replicate human anatomy in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organs, all made from complex composites that mimic the properties of discrete living tissues. Made from water, fibers, and salts, each of these tissues have been validated for mechanical, chemical, thermal, and dielectric properties against the relevant living tissue.

Photo: St. Mary’s Dominican High School science teacher and robotics coach Crissy Giacona (second from left) is awed by the newly arrived SynDaver™ Surgical Model, stored in its wet tank. Getting a closer look are Dominican principal Carolyn Favre and science  teacher Anjel Guitroz. Kienan Almeida (left), Clinical Education Manager with SynDaver Labs, delivered the SynDaver. An estimated 70 institutions, including medical schools, have SynDavers, however, St. Mary’s Dominican High School is the first high school in the nation to have one.

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