Are You Leading or Just Taking a Walk?

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

This weekend I attended an NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner honoring individuals who are leaders of non-profit social justice efforts in our local community. It was evident as we listened to the accomplishments and the impact of their work, that these people reached beyond ordinary results to achieve extraordinary results. What was also evident was the fact that they collaborated and shared their talents and skills with others to make positive things happen in all of their projects. It was an event filled with faith, community and family.

One of the final speakers who followed the awards presentation repeated a proverb which says “He who is leading and has no followers is only taking a walk.” The audience laughed but I have continued to ponder its meaning in my own life and work. I think about the challenges which the Dominican Chapter Commitments make to women and men. (Click here) These Commitments ask us to be people of peace who study, contemplate, preach, create environments promoting non-violence and justice, create welcoming communities and foster God’s web of life to reduce the impact of global climate change. These are mighty challenges to each of us who strive to embrace them with prayer and actions in our lives.

Then I think about the fact that hundreds of Dominican Sisters and Associates of Peace surround me with the same commitment to living these Dominican values. Some people do just “take a walk” because no one is following their lead. Dominican Associates have an enormous cadre of folks who are deeply involved in actions of solidarity with the marginalized and who are responding to the needs of the world. All we need to do is join a Dominican study group, participate in local Associate meetings and actions, plan conference calls with others geographically distant or do whatever we determine is effective for our joint efforts. Dominicans of Peace are present across this country and their leadership skills and results are visible.

So now the question is ‘are you leading or just taking a walk?’ Contact the Office of Associates for more information on how to become a part of the Associate leadership (click here) as Dominicans of Peace: Associate Conni Dubick ( or Sr. Amy McFrederick ( or 330.835.5688.

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