13 Gratitudes As We Look to Thanksgiving Day

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP
Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

The holidays are beginning to creep into our lives with television ads and decorations. Thanksgiving Day is next week, so I thought you might like to begin the Holiday Season with some sage advice from one of my favorite authors, Joyce Rupp, OSM. Pick one gratitude and practice it for a while and see if your holidays are more peaceful, calmer and less stressed.

Gratitude by Joyce Rupp, OSM

  1. To be grateful for what is, instead of underscoring what is not.
  2. To find good amid the unwanted aspects of life, without denying the presence of the unwanted.
  3. To focus on beauty in the little things of life, as well as being deliberate about the great beauties of art, literature, music, and nature.
  4. To be present to one’s own small space of life, while stretching to the wide world beyond it.
  5. To find something to laugh about in every day, even when there seems nothing to laugh about.
  6. To search for and to see the good in others, rather than remembering their faults and weaknesses.
  7. To be thankful for each loving deed done by another, no matter how insignificant it might appear.
  8. To taste life to the fullest, and not take any part of it for granted.
  9. To seek to forgive others for their wrongdoings, even immense ones, and to put the past behind.
  10. To find ways to reach out and help the disenfranchised, while also preserving their dignity and self-worth.
  11. To be as loving and caring as possible, in a culture that consistently challenges these virtues.
  12. To remember to say or send “thank you” for whatever comes as a gift from another.
  13. To be at peace with what cannot be changed.

A prayer for the holidays: Dear God, reveal to me in the smallest, shortest, quickest way, how much I am loved and how much I matter to the world. Show me the path of gratitude, especially as the holidays get busy and I cannot see you amidst the activity. Help me to slow down, to be present to the moment and remember those who need my help and prayer. Amen

Happy Thanksgiving.

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13 responses to “13 Gratitudes As We Look to Thanksgiving Day

  1. I have always loved to read the reflection by Joyce Rupp. I find them inspiring every single moment.Thanks

    1. I love her books. I’m reading praying our goodbyes. Right now, I need spirituality and prayers since I don’t have a job.

  2. To be grateful for a blogger who writes and invites us to change our perspective. I’m grateful for you!

  3. Thank you so much…living in gratitude is key in my life. I am printing this one out to read again and again. Thank you, Sister!

  4. With love and gratitude for your reflection and practice. Joyce Rupp is one of my favorite spiritual writers. I am praying her book “Open the Door”. I have also given her book “Fly While You Still Have Wings” to friends caring for a mother.

  5. Thank you for sharing this reflection from Joyce Rupp, also one of my favorite writers. What a wonderful reminder of the multitude of reasons we have for being grateful.

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