Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase

Pat Dual
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“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
 – Martin Luther King, Jr

The 31st Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast in Columbus, OH, brought over 3,500 people together early on a frigid morning to remember the life of Dr. King and to reflect on the “Dream” that he gave his life for. As I listened to keynote speaker, Susan L. Taylor, founder and CEO of a national mentoring organization and Editor Emeritus of Essence magazine, speak of Dr. King’s life, I began to reflect on how his life exemplified how we too can discern God’s call in our own lives. The elements that were evident in helping Martin Luther King, Jr find his vocation in life included following his passion, remaining open to God and trusting God despite his fear. Dr. King’s faith allowed him to take one step at a time, with each step moving him further into the call of his life. He took steps in life without seeing the full staircase.

In her presentation, Susan Taylor shared several stories from her interview with King’s wife, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, which I think illustrates how passion, openness, trust and faith helped King find his call in life. Martin seemed destined to become a pastor like his father. Mrs. King said in her interview with Taylor, “When Martin went to Morehouse College he was a C to C+ student at best. It was only when he began to find his passion in advocacy working for civil rights that he became an exceptional student.” Dr. King was continually open to the movement of God in his heart and followed his conscience in making decisions. Lastly, Dr. King entrusted his fears to God and was able to move forward in uncertainty and faith.

Martin Luther King’s life reveals significant ways that can help us discern God’s call in our own lives. Knowing ourselves and what is important to us, being open to God and trusting God’ s guidance even in our uncertainty are important elements to discerning our call in life.

So…what is your passion? Are you open and willing to trust God’s call…perhaps by being a Sister? If so, why not join us for our next Come and See Retreat weekend on March 11-13, 2016.

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5 responses to “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase

  1. So right – he brought inspiration to so many. Here in Tucson there was also a wonderful celebration and a street was dedicated to him. Though “short street” leading to a developing shopping center , which caused a controversy, but many have hope (first step) it will bring services to that area which is needed.

  2. Pat, you made a wonderful connection of MLK’s life to the process of discerning your life’s call, thank you I would not have thought of that. I especially liked you point that when Dr. King found his passion,everything else in his life started to have a focus. Thank you.

  3. Dear Sr. Pat, thank you for sharing your reflection on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. each time I read or hear a reflection on Dr. King’s life I learn something new. For some of us we think we know what God is calling us to do, however, when we plunge into the fit is not right so we try again. What I learned from your reflection is that uncertainty in our decision making begins with trusting in God to guide us and not rushing into anything. Taking time to allow God to lead us will get us to our calling.

    Peace and Love,
    Jacqueline E. Mayo OPA

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