God’s Call…Unfolding Day-by-day

Blog by Sr. Bea Tiboldi, OP

Figuring out God’s call is not an easy equation. For me, it is a life-long journey unfolding day-by-day. When I think about my vocation story, it’s always one answer to two questions: what brought me to the Dominicans and what makes me stick with it?

I received God’s immense love which I wished to nurture and share with everyone, especially with those in need. I thought community could help me identify the needs, and then after prayer and contemplation, with one common voice we could do something about it.

Dominican life at the beginning sounded very close to my personality: it is a life rooted in prayer. I love chanting together, and I love the variety of prayers including reflection days. We study the Word of God, and we study for the purpose of ministry to serve the needs of our time. Then we share the fruits of what is studied and contemplated. Our ministry is very mission-driven. What also stood out to me was that I felt and witnessed a sense of community instead of just hearing about it. I so much love being part of our Dominican family: Sisters, Brothers, Associates, Volunteers, the young, the old, the faithful, the playful, the wise, all part of it. All these are the very things that drew me to this congregation and helped me find my home here and to stay.

I think openness is “the name of the game;” however, questions that help me stay open and reflect on my vocation (and might be helpful to you) are such as:

  1. What helps me to be more present to God so that I can remain open to God’s call and love?
  2. Am I able to enhance my relationship with God so that I can better serve others, bringing God’s love to them?
  3. What am I being called to?
  4. Do my actions spring from the heart?
  5. Where is the greater need and am I willing to be there?
  6. Do I just live with my community or am I taking an active part in it?

Integrating the happenings of each day, reflecting on those and bringing them into prayer, sharing with community, and being attentive to the news and needs also help guide me where I am being called day-by-day. As you can see, my vocation story continues to be a daily search and a daily commitment to live for God.

Where is God in your life? What is God calling you to? I believe that the call is coming from God whether we are called to be a sister, a brother, an associate, a priest, a single person or to the married life.

I think we can only find out what we are being called to, if we investigate it. Some examples are, praying about it, talking to someone, surfing the web, checking it out on social media, or even having a taste of it, on your own, for real. For real? For real! Want to know more? Here is the information about our next “Come and See” weekend.

Title: Come and See Weekend: A Future Full of Hope
Directed by: God
Produced by: Dominican Sisters of Peace Ministry of Welcome
Cast and Crew: Characters welcome (women age 18-45) and Dominican Sisters of Peace

Want to explore God’s call for you? Do you wish to taste what religious life is like? Join us and other women (who are seeking similar answers you have) for a weekend on March 11-13, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. Download the flyer here and register here.

Spoiler alert:
One of the “perks” of the weekend is that you have a Sister accompanying you in prayer and in presence, and you can ask her your questions one-to-one.

Another one of the “perks” I found is that you can also listen to others’ questions that can help answer your questions that you might be too shy to ask (as of yet). Some of those questions are deeply related to a life of prayer or community, some of those are big questions, like “how do I know whether it is God’s call?” and some are smaller questions, like “can a Sister wear high-heeled shoes?”

Message Boards:
More information: jfitzgerald@oppeace.org or 570.336.3991 (call and text)

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5 responses to “God’s Call…Unfolding Day-by-day

  1. Bea, this is beautiful and fully inspirational. You are a blessing to us all. I thank God for bringing you to us. And I love always to see you at the Akron Motherhouse. Thanks for sticking with it and us. Love u, Alicia

  2. You are amazing Sr. Bea! I have enjoyed watching you grow into “Sister” and have always appreciated the caring and giving ways you have shown.

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