Sr. Delia McDonald, OP

McDonald-DeliaDominican Sister of Peace Delia McDonald, OP (79), died on February 11, 2016, at Mohun Health Care Center (Columbus, OH). She is preceded in death by her parents, Harry Sawyer and Delia Maria (Dugas) McDonald, and her brother Harry Sawyer McDonald, Jr. Continue reading →

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Phuong Thuy Vu Welcomed as Candidate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace

phuong-responds-to-questionsNEW HAVEN, CT – On Saturday, February 20, 2016, Phuong Thuy Vu was welcomed as a candidate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace at a ceremony held at Albertus Magnus College in St. Catherine of Siena Chapel. Sr. Patricia Twohill, OP, Prioress, opened the chapel door for Phuong and welcomed her in the name of the congregation. Sr. Carole Hermann, OP, who will accompany Phuong as her local formation minister, presented her with a lit candle as a reminder that religious life is one way of responding to the baptismal call to holiness. Continue reading →

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The Best Beginning to Lent Ever!

Anita Davidson, OPA
Blog by Associate Anita Davidson, OPA

There’s very little in the world that I love more than the sound of human voices joined in song. And of all the sacred music ever composed, the simple, melodic chants of Taizé touch me in a way that no other ever has. So this year, to begin Lent at Corpus Christi Center of Peace, we offered “Come Away & Pray: A Weekend Retreat in the Spirit & Style of the Taizé Community.” And what a blessing it was!

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What do you need? Are you asking?

Catherine Arnold, OP
Blog by Sr. Cathy Arnold, OP

Today’s Gospel passage from Matthew is one of those challenging ones that doesn’t always work out the way we want it. “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” When I was a child I think I heard this as a way to try to get what I wanted, but I never did get that horse I asked for. (Well, except that old horse that my brother brought to the farm to retire. So, I guess I did…) So, what do we do with this reading? Do we believe it or not? Continue reading →

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I’m God, You’re Not

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP
Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

“I’m God, you’re not,” is what God said to me on a retreat a long long time ago. It’s also a way of thinking about the first commandment: I am the Lord your God, you shall not have false gods before me. From time to time I am reminded to remember the point, especially when I am frustrated about things I care deeply about but cannot change. I know I’m in trouble when I start sentences like: “God, if you would just…” Continue reading →

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