The Earth Needs Mercy

Karen Martens, OPA
Blog by Associate Karen Martens, OPA

In reflecting on this Year of Mercy, perhaps our first thought goes to the people who need mercy. But, Earth also is crying out for mercy. Too often these cries are ignored, or at best, simply not heard. Some see Earth as a resource to be used to the advantage of people. Why else would strip mining occur? Why else would wetlands be destroyed? Why else would fracking occur? Or dams be built? Or new homes be built in farmland while existing homes and neighborhoods are left to deteriorate? Continue reading →

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Women’s History Month – Join the MARCH!

Noreen Malone, OP
Blog by Sr. Noreen Malone, OP

While the pun is intentional, the need of women cries out for a renewed response as we enter into this month of national attention to the history of women. The 2016 theme for National Women’s History Month is “Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government.” This theme seems especially essential as the presidential campaign also marches on! Continue reading →

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