Letting Go in Later Life

Adele Sheffieck, OPA
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As one continuing on the spiritual journey in later life, I struggle to find ways to “let go, let God” in everyday living. In younger years I thought I was doing just that, but as I grew older I realized I wasn’t succeeding in letting God take over in most circumstances. The fact that the same old feelings came back helped me to see that I wasn’t really “letting God.” In other words – easier said then done!

A number of years ago I included in my prayer life the contemplative practice of Centering Prayer in which, for some time each day, I sat and consented to the God Within when thoughts and other perceptions hit me. The effect of this silent prayer has helped in my unique relationship with God and has allowed the Fruits of the Spirit to become more alive in my life.

But what about the everyday moment-to-moment living? What about the days when fear, anger, frustration and other feelings come into my life? How do I respond to the feelings instead of reacting to them? How do I deal with them in a prayerful way and strive to “let God?”

Fortunately, I have come upon the Welcoming Prayer which is consenting to the God Within On The Go. This process of, when I am aware that this feeling has taken over, I Focus, Feel, Welcome and Let Go. As a contemplative, then, my struggle to “let go, let God” has become ever so easy in this later life journey!

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14 responses to “Letting Go in Later Life

  1. Thank you Adele for your reflections as we age. God gives us many opportunities to let go and surrender. These little deaths prepare us for the Big Moment when we know we are dying and to surrender all to the God who loves unconditionally.
    Blessings and deep peace.

  2. Adele,

    Thank You for you helpful insight!

    Our Bethany Mutualaities are Blessed to have you as one of Our Members

  3. Adele, That has such an insight for me at this point in my day. I talked to a woman today that is about 81. She want to hang on to all the hurts in her life. She had no concept of what (let go and let God) means ,I tried to explain to her that when our cups are too full it is time to empty the cup and give to God those things that are completely unable to fix. We all have to at some time in our life to come to the the truth that we Can not Control everything that is put into our cup. You just have to let go and let God do His thing! Thank you for your thoughts today.

  4. Thanks, Adele. There is great wisdom in aging. There too is a kind of freedom with time that allows us to go ever deeper in our relationship to the god in and all around us.

  5. So good to hear from you Adele! And thank God for the quiet time that is more possible to us now that we are not pressured in a busy job. I agree with you it is surprising what God will tell me.

    God bless you,
    Sister Thomasine

    1. Colleen,
      So many thanks for your reply. We are truly co-ministers on the journey.

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