Sr. Margaret Walsh, OP

Margaret Walsh-webSr. Margaret Walsh is currently a resident of Mohun Health Care Center in Columbus, OH. Sr. Margaret describes her life as a Dominican as “very fulfilling with many opportunities to use my professional training and experience to serve God and the Church.”

“I would encourage any woman considering religious life to come and see,” Sr. Margaret said. “It can be an exciting life and one in which education and experiences are put to good use in the service of the Church. You will find fulfillment in your work and great reward in community and prayer.”

Sr. Margaret entered religious life at the age of 39 after owning her own plumbing and heating business. She drew upon that business experience throughout her ministry. She served the Columbus Diocese as a financial consultant for four years. She was treasurer and business manager at Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT, from 1975-82 and congregational treasurer for the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs from 1983-90. From 1990-2015 Sr. Margaret was Director of Purchasing and Office Services at Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, OH.

Yes, I want to make a donation to the Congregation in Sister’s honor.


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  1. Sister Margaret, you have been one of the most inspiring women of my like – short of Sheila Sullivan, another Dominican to whom I have been married to for 48 extraordinary years.

    You stood so tall for me when others were not so encouraging. I wish we could see each other again.

  2. Dear Margaret, thanks for letting me join you in celebrating your 50 years of religious live. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you abundantly! Peace, Alicia

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