Sr. Jane Belanger, OP

jane belanger-webSr. Jane Belanger, Pawnee Rock, KS, has been a member of the Heartland Farm Community in Pawnee Rock, KS since 2008. For 15 years, she was program director for Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center in Blacklick, OH, another of the sponsored ministries of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. “In each place I have worked, I sought to respond with my energy and gifts to the world’s needs focused in that locale,” Sr. Jane said.  Continue reading →

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Sr. Celeste Albers, OP

celeste albers-webSr. Celeste Albers, Great Bend, KS, learned to love music at an early age from her parents and later from her fourth grade teacher, Sr. Caroline Oeding. In high school, she studied both piano and organ. As an elementary school teacher in Garden City and Larned, KS, she shared her love for music with her students. Continue reading →

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Sr. Blaise Flynn, OP

Blaise Flynn-webSr. Blaise Flynn, Watertown, MA, has devoted the last 30 years of her life as a Dominican Sister to the cause dearest to her heart, ending homelessness. For 20 years she served as Administrator of Programs for Women and Children, and then as Case Manager, at Pine Street Inn, Boston, MA.  Continue reading →

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Sr. Rebecca Nolan, OP

rebecca nolan-webAs Sr. Rebecca (Becky) Nolan, Pittsburgh, PA, celebrates 50 years as a Dominican, she also marks 50 years of health care ministry. “At the age of ten, I watched my mother care for my grandmother, who was dying from cancer,” Sr. Rebecca said. “I decided that I wanted to be a Sister and a nurse and help people who were suffering.” She chose to become a Sister with a promise that she could study nursing.  Continue reading →

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Cleveland Associate Elders Make the “Data” Come Alive

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

Recently I have been involved in formal research which is studying the growth, development, leadership and sustainability of the associate-religious relationship in North America. Important data has been collected by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. Thus I have been spending time with numbers, percentages, and analysis of Associates and Sisters. But it was a Sunday dinner and prayer service at the Akron Motherhouse this weekend that put the compelling story of people, faith, and commitment as another essential way to study the associate-religious relationship! Continue reading →

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