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Blog by Sr. Pat Connick, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Connick, OP

June 27th….I volunteered about three months ago to write this blog.  I’ve never written one before. So I figured I would wait for inspiration from the Holy Spirit (makes sense, right?).  I got a little impatient two and half months in, when I realized it’s not about prayer or a current event or any other topic I was thinking about throughout the day.  I like to be in control, but I didn’t have it; I like to know, but I didn’t know; I like to plan ahead, but this was looking more and more like something that would get done later, not sooner.  I got lots of “Nope, that’s not it!  Keep looking and listening!” from God, but not a clue about what it would it be about until I arrived yesterday at the train station and was trying to make the last part of my journey to retreat.  I couldn’t believe it, not a taxi in sight!  It was hot out, and I called three taxi companies only to find that two of them don’t run on Sunday.  I was still waiting on God too, of course, and it took 45 minutes for the taxi to come to the train station!    Finally, as I settled in the air-conditioned taxi, I laughed almost out loud when it hit me with all simplicity that this is what I was to write on…waiting itself!

And I realized immediately that I’ve not been so good at waiting lately.  I wanted everything now, and in good order or at my convenience.  I like to say I was curious during my waiting, but must say I found only  impatience inside.  As I reflected back on these three months, I heard myself saying that waiting is a bad thing, but really it isn’t.  It’s about listening and openness.  It’s a skill that takes practice, and I’ve been out of practice lately!  So God has me in an ideal space this week to practice listening once again…on retreat.

I’ll get back in touch with reflecting and mindfulness and silence, all those things that help me to get in touch with how my relationship with God, with others, and with myself is going.    It will help me become more sensitized to the present moment.  God calls while we wait, and if I can’t wait, how can I become what God has created me to be?

I’d like to thank the Ministry of Welcome for asking me to write this blog.  Who knows how much longer I would have persisted in my impatience, my busyness, and my mindlessness?  I hope it will somehow be of use to you too!  Isn’t that one of the ways God works, giving us one another to share our stories of conversion and newly found grace.  I hope you’ll discover a few opportunities to share your Good News of what God has done for you lately with others… Have a great summer!    

P.S.  Waiting and prayer are big parts of discerning a call from God.  Having someone to talk to as you wait and discern might be just what you need.    Contact one of our vocation ministers today to begin the conversation.  Your wait is over.

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8 responses to “Wait for It

  1. Insightful and meaningful message, Pat! Thanks for your waiting — to encourage ours!


  2. How insightful to observe your inner landscape in the heat of waiting for a taxi. Ouch! That really hit the nail on the head.

  3. What a great article Pat – I fractured my patella in Singapore on Apr 3 and since then it seems I have done a lot of waiting ! Not being in control or mobile has given me time to think and to try and change things got the better. Blessings to you and all my Domincan friends.

  4. Waiting is lesson that we need to learn over and over. In my prayers, I ask God to help me find the next step because I will need all the help I can get to recognize it!

  5. Dear Pat,
    This blog just “hit the nail on the head” with me right now!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience of waiting…and of naming the inner response to this rather difficult place of waiting I find myself in at times.

  6. Pat, thanks for sharing your struggles on waiting and not being in control. We can all relate to this. Your insights helped you and your sisters to grow.

    One of my favorite passages is “Be still and know that I am God.”

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