“Twisted” Collaboration Reflects Message of Unity and Peace

Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP

Twisted 2

Recently, I attended a wonderful performance that integrated the performing arts of the symphony, opera and the ballet. Beautiful music was accompanied by outstanding opera singers and exquisite ballet dancers whose movements flowed and soared as their dancing interpreted wonderful stories being sung. The title of the performance was “Twisted 2” because it was the second collaborative project of its kind done as a joint effort of the city’s Symphony, Opera and Ballet performers.

Living out Unity and Diversity

The beauty of each art form was enriched by coming together in such “twisted” union with each other. As I watched this delightful example of collaborative unity, I saw a powerful analogy between the beauty of this collaborative performance and the richness that can be found in promoting and living out the concept of unity in diversity.

While the beauty of the symphony, the opera and the ballet can certainly stand alone, this creative venue offered a new freshness and energy that emerged in the presentation of these different disciplines being performed on the same stage…together.  The diversity of the art disciplines, the performers, their talents and their ages – created a new work of beauty and art. This display of the beauty of collaboration made me think of the division in various aspects of our society today.

The Question of Division vs Unity

What message can this artistic display of unity offer us as we deal with division versus unity in our lives, in our society, even in promoting the Gospel?  Our local, national and global communities all reflect divided perspectives that challenge both the common good and proclaiming the message of the Gospel. So again, what message can this concert performance offer us about division versus unity in life?  It reiterated a relevant message about the gift and beauty that can come from acknowledging our diversity and allowing ourselves to find unity despite our differences. What is the gift and beauty that can emerge for us from “twisted” collaboration and unity? … Peace.

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9 responses to ““Twisted” Collaboration Reflects Message of Unity and Peace

  1. Pat, I loved your reflection on “twisted”. A great analogy to unity in diversity. I also enjoyed so much attending this performance with you. Colleen Gallagher

  2. Pat,
    I loved your reflection on “twisted 2”! It really helped to understand cultural collaboration in the arts. The application to Unity in Diversity culminating in PEACE is a very appealing.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Twisted 2 reminds us that the whole can be bigger than the individual parts. Good to remember in our ministries. Diversities make us stronger.

  4. What comes to mind is an “image” from music — harmony and dissonance — good classical music must have both.

  5. Grateful, Pat, for your reflection. We give thanks for the gift of DIVERSITY in our lives! It can renew and amaze us each day if we only take the time to discover, appreciate and give thanks for it.

  6. Thank you, Pat, this is such a good positive message in these times of turmoil on this blessed Planet Earth. It is too boring to be all the same. Diversity is beautiful and engaging.

  7. Thank you, Pat, for reminding us that diversity brings not only unity but also beauty in many forms.

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