Sr. Barbara Jean Pelak

barbara-jean-pelakDominican Sister of Peace Barbara Jean Pelak (66) died October 15, 2016 at Lourdes Health Care Center in Waterford, MI.

Sister Barbara Jean was born February 18, 1950 to John and Angeline Bierzynski  Pelak in Detroit, MI.  She entered the Dominican Sisters of Oxford (now the Dominican Sisters of Peace) in 1974. She earned a Bachelor of Science in General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources from Oakland University in Rochester, MI and certification in Achievement for Supervisor Training from the Archdiocese of Detroit. Continue reading →

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This is What It Means to be Church

Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA
Blog by Associate Conni Dubick, OPA

“This is what it means to be Church: to stand in the middle of our beautiful and broken world, with our baptismal candle held high, and be God’s presence and God’s light right here and now in the midst of it all.” (Jesus and the Prodigal Son by Brian Pierce, OP)

These words of our Dominican brother, Brian Pierce, speak so directly of the role and responsibility that Dominican Associates have as they participate in the mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.  Associates embrace the Chapter Commitments, the Corporate Stances, the congregational and associate committee work, and their local group or personal commitments to be that presence of Dominican preaching in “our beautiful and broken world.” Continue reading →

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Sr. Nancy Caroccia

nancy-carocciaDominican Sister of Peace Nancy Caroccia (87) died at Mohun Health Care Center, Columbus, OH on October 14, 2016. She was born in 1929 in East Pittsburgh, PA and entered the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs, now the Dominican Sisters of Peace, in January, 1957. Continue reading →

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Women of the Church: From the Past to the Present and into the Future

Blog by Sr. Mai-Dung Nguyen, OP
Blog by Sr. Mai-Dung Nguyen, OP

Responding to Pope Francis’ Call – “…More incisive female presence”

The changing colors of nature in the fall season reflect the process of letting go of life as it is in the Summer in order to give birth to new life in the coming Spring. Adding to this Fall spirit of transformation, on the weekend of October 7-9, about 260 people around the country gathered together in Ferdinand, IN, for the “Women of the Church” conference. Among the many participants were women religious from various congregations, priests and seminarians, and young lay men and women. A large group of seminarians was very active in the event by helping with transportation, food and dinner. The conference was held in response to Pope Francis’ call for “a more incisive female presence” in the Catholic Church. Continue reading →

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Can We Talk?

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP
Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

Who Talks Like That?

Given the appallingly debased level of public discourse taking place during this presidential campaign, some days I wonder if some public figures will ever remember how to talk in a civilized manner ever again. It is just not normal conversation. Who talks like that? Locker room… Really? It insults men as much as it insults women.

It seems to me that we readily tolerate the ranting, personal attacks and inability to answer a simple question about policy or critical issues facing our nation. How come? Can we do anything about it? How do we register any objection to negative ad campaigns, lying and personal attacks? How do we convey the message that our national political leaders need to do better than Jerry Springer style conversations? Continue reading →

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