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Giving Voice to my Values Post-Election

I’ve spent much of my life afraid to give voice to my values, beliefs and opinions or to even know what they are. By putting myself in teaching situations and speaking engagements, I’ve gained confidence in expressing myself, though it is still a struggle. Writing, however, has always been my safe haven for processing and unraveling my thoughts. But, something in me is starting to change as a result of feeling post-election blues. I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore and be silent.  Nor can any of us who seek to follow Jesus’ message of love and compassion for each other. We must find and use our voice to stand up to those who are unleashing messages of hate and engaging in acts of violence towards our brothers and sisters of different cultures and religions.

Becoming a Watchdog for Peace

us-flag-1779063_1280We must not be silent and let history repeat itself in our time and in our country by allowing discrimination towards people of a particular culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We must become political watchdogs who bark loudly, relentlessly against discriminatory policies that deprive individuals of their dignity and God-given right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” As Dominicans who are called to preach the saving and liberating word of God, we must speak against bigotry, racism and xenophobia in our families and workplaces and take a stand to let it be known that we won’t tolerate language or attitudes that demean others.

May we all find strength for the journey ahead not only in prayer and in standing together but also in Helen Reddy’s empowering song, I Am Woman, which reminds us that we are strong, wise, and able to face anything. (The word “woman” can be replaced with “human.”)

If you feel called to be part of our holy preaching, of being a messenger of peace, and of living a life based on the four pillars of prayer, study, community, and ministry, then why not contact one of our Vocation Ministers. Our world needs your compassionate service and loving witness to the Gospel values.

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6 responses to “Finding My Voice

  1. Thank you Mary Ellen for your timely and inspirational message. Your words had a profound affect on me and given me a lot to ponder.

  2. Thank you, Mary Ellen for your heartfelt and timely reminder to all of us to be “watchdogs who bark loudly” in the face of discrimination of any kind!

    Arf, Arf!


  3. Thank you, Mary Ellen.
    As “preachers of the word,” we have a responsibility to “Stand up and speak up” in whatever way we are called. Each of us has a unique voice given us by our good God. Thank you for sharing yours, Mary Ellen

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