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Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP

For many it would have seemed a happy coincidence, but for me it was an answer to a desperate prayer. It happened on the break day midway through the IRF (Institute for Religious Formation) 30 Day Retreat held in Sedalia, CO, at which I was one of the retreat directors. A native of Kansas, I was eager to take a short trip into the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, and then meet friends in Denver for an afternoon lunch and visit before returning to continue the retreat.

Stopping at a close-by gas station, I asked the locals for some directions. Suggesting I drive over the pass to Georgetown – a quaint mountain town with interesting gift shops and a cute ice cream parlor – they gave me a map and I set out. The road was clear as I began the climb, but about halfway up the slope it began to snow – at first a flurry, gradually growing into a full-fledged blizzard as I continued the ascent. Just as I was beginning to doubt if I should keep going, a snowplow appeared in front of me, clearing the way. As I reached the top of the pass, it pulled aside, and I started down the other side of the mountain.

Just a little after I had begun the descent, my car slid out of my control skidding sideways down the mountain, then plummeting nose first into a snowbank on the left side of the road. Stuck! I tried backing out, rocking, then backing – praying and trying again. Really stuck! With only a Spring jacket, no gloves, and armed with a windshield scraper I tried digging the snow from around the tires, and tried again and again – all the while praying loud to the angels, to God, to Jesus, to Mary, all seeming to no avail. Getting back into the car to thaw out my frozen fingers, I shouted in desperation: “St. Joseph, you protected Mary and Jesus on their flight to Egypt, please help me! I don’t believe God wants me to die up here!”

St. Joseph

At that moment, a beat-up looking pickup drove up, then a strapping young man walked toward me saying: “Looks like you need some help. Put her in reverse and I’ll get you out of here.” It took just a minute and I was free, grateful, and cautiously making my way down to Georgetown with him following me like a protector. When I turned a bend about halfway down, I noticed that he had disappeared though I had seen no place a car or truck could turn around. At first concerned for his safety, I then wondered: was that St. Joseph? or a young man acting in the spirit of St. Joseph? an angel?  I will never know. I did spend a few minutes in Georgetown, on to Denver to enjoy time with my friends, then back to finish the retreat.

There must be many St. Joseph stories – where someone unassuming and humbly helpful simply appears when a person is desperate or in need, lends a hand, then disappears without waiting to be thanked or rewarded by the person left grateful and relieved. Maybe you are the “St. Joseph” – though you’d never think of yourself that way! What is your St. Joseph story?

Today as we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, it’s a good day to remember with gratitude all those who are that steady, ready to help presence in our lives and in our communities. It’s a good day to do random acts of kindness in the spirit of St. Joseph. It’s just another way to quietly but persistently be peace, build peace, preach peace.

Who knows – someone like me might be telling or writing a story about what you did to help them in a time of need.

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11 responses to “My/Your St. Joseph Story

  1. You got lots of comments on your story, Amy. Many people can relate to it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a beautiful sharing Sr. Amy, thank you. I am going to forward your article to some of my Associates of St. Joseph friends in Alaska. Peace! Peg

  3. Hi Sister Amy, I enjoyed your story. Love St. Joseph, my grandfather named Joseph donated our St. Joseph altar,in my childhood parish.
    Bunny O’Brien, associate

  4. What a powerful story, Amy! Thanks so much for sharing it, and reminding us of ways we can follow the ways of St. Joseph!


    Pat, OP

  5. Amy,This is a marvelous story of faith. St. Joseph is my patron and I just realized I really do not call on him very much. Do you suppose he could help me maneuver around technology I get so stuck on??

  6. Amy, what a powerful story on this feast of St. Joseph. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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