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In a time where every issue seems to carry with it elements of partisanship and an “us versus them” mentality, it is refreshing to reflect upon issues that bring all together, regardless of color, creed, or party lines. Human trafficking is one such issue that seems to have bipartisan support in protecting victims and in the effort to work to combat this form of slavery.

While human trafficking is indeed modern day slavery, and the victims of trafficking are subjected to unthinkable torture physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it’s still essential for us to acknowledge the large strides that are being taken to end trafficking worldwide. It’s time for some good news!

Earlier this year, UPS announced that they will be working with Truckers Against Trafficking to train their drivers to recognize and report cases of human trafficking. They plan to train all of their freight drivers by the end of the year.

Delta Airlines is also working to provide training to their employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking on board their aircrafts. As of March 7, 54,000 Delta employees have been trained, and now they are encouraging Delta customers to join in their efforts to end human trafficking. Through a partnership with Polaris, a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery, “all Delta SkyMiles members can now donate miles to Polaris through [the] SkyWish program at to cover the airfare survivors need to return home, receive critical services, reunite with their families or engage in survivor leadership opportunities.”

These are critical partnerships and training initiatives that will save the lives of numerous individuals. I am filled with hope after hearing about these initiatives of dedication and goodwill coming together to save countless women, men, and children around the world. This is progress, and this is good news!

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5 responses to “It’s Time for Good News

  1. Grateful, Kelly, for your article! Our Spirit Study Group in Watertown, MA will discuss these great ideas at our next meeting in May. Human Trafficking always has a place on our Agenda.

  2. That is wonderful to hear that Delta and UPS have join the Truckers Against Human Trafficking. We pray more will be joining them. Thanks Kelly for the good news.

  3. I appreciate your blog making me aware of this option for donating frequent flyer miles to such a worthy cause. It took me awhile to click through several options to get to Polaris, but I did get my 8,711 miles donated, and feel very good about it–thank you!

  4. Last night a few of us attended a meting on human trafficking. It’s good to hear about UPS and Delta. I hope even more companies join them. Thank you for writing about it.

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