We Have Seen the Apostles and They Is Us

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Don’t know if any of you remember the comic strip “Pogo,” but the title of this blog is a paraphrase of one of the lines from the strip. I will leave it for all you trivia buffs to play with later.

The Easter season readings tell our stories. In the Acts of the Apostles, we are hearing about the apostles remaining after the Resurrection ( people like “us”) and all of the things they were doing. There is lots of confusion because some of the apostles heard different things and told different stories (just like “us”), but the Word was still getting out there.

Today we hear that the apostles were no longer afraid and could speak the truth of Jesus’ life without concern for their safety; although they were not all that safe in reality. But the gift of the Spirit is so present in them that they are compelled to speak, to teach and to preach the truth.

Are we compelled? Are we prepared? Is our faith stronger than ever? This world is poised to hear the truth. We must be ready to speak it, so we have to do our homework; make sure our facts are clear and true. The Twenty-first century needs apostles, and they is us!

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3 responses to “We Have Seen the Apostles and They Is Us

  1. I will remember this phrase – they is us! when I am tempted to excuse myself from doing the hard thing when I know its the right thing. thanks!

  2. Hi Pat — yes they is us! I think we have to do away with some of the ‘fancy’ theological language — and try for the simple ‘from the heart’ style. I remember Fara telling me — if you really understand something you don’t need to use the fancy terminology.

  3. Good message, but are we truly prepared to face our modern world with a simple truth of Christ’s death and resurrection to take on the sins of the world and offer us the hope of eternal life if we just believe in Him? It’s a hard lesson to teach when so many these days are into “me first” and “what’s in it for me” kind of thinking. Any ideas of exactly how we’re supposed to go about this, other than leading the life of faith, and hoping that, through seeing us and the peace and hapiness we have, that they’ll want what we have?

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