The Most Astonishing Thing

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

“We were hoping that he would be the one…”

Today’s Gospel [Luke 24:13-35], the Wednesday after Easter, is that famous story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. I think many people like the story because these two disciples are so blown away by the drama that just took place in Jerusalem over the Passover feast days and they were trying to figure it out. Jesus, the Christ, the One who was supposed to be the Messiah of Israel, was crucified in an indignant and horrifying end.

“We were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel,” the two disciples told Jesus, as he questioned them along the road. They were hoping Jesus was the One that all of Israel looked to as the Deliverer, the God-hero who would free them from the conquering Romans. They were hoping, but they were looking in the wrong direction.

They added, “…Some of our women amazed us. They went to the tomb early this morning but didn’t find his body. They came and told us that they had seen a vision of angels, who said he was alive.” Continue reading →

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April 18, 2017

From the Coalition on Human Needs

From the Coalition on Human Needs: Click here to sign a petition calling for a moral budget for all people.

First 100 Days Calendar

The Congregation of St. Joseph is offering the 1st 100 Days Calendar. Click here for April 16 – 30.
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Showing Mercy to Earth

Blog by Justice Promoter Kelly Litt

When I was in elementary school, I remember annual celebrations of Earth Day which included planting trees, repurposing tin cans into flower pots, and coloring pictures of a cartoon Earth with a big grin on its face. Today, those actions are still important, but our Earth is calling us to more.

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22nd, and Sunday, April 23rd is Mercy Sunday. In the Gospel reading on Mercy Sunday, we hear Jesus greeting the disciples with “Peace be with you.” What relief the disciples must have felt after hearing Jesus’ greeting! What if we took the tenderness and mercy that Jesus showed to the disciples and let it permeate our lives, pushing us to say “Peace be with you, Earth.”

I have been greatly moved by the idea that the moral character of a nation can be judged by how it treats the poor, and yet we know that the poor are the most immediately impacted and harmed by climate change and lack of care for the Earth. We can see that how we treat the Earth directly impacts our care for the poor.

So whether you are passionate about providing for the poor, creating a safe environment for future generations, protecting wildlife and endangered species, or merely ensuring that we provide for our planet so that we can see another day of beauty and blooms in the life it provides for us, we can all rally around Earth Day and recommit ourselves to taking care of our one common home. How will you work to protect the Earth?

For some ideas of how to get involved in caring for the Earth, check out these resources from the Eco-Justice Committee:

  • It isn’t too early to think about spring cleaning!  Along with including free sunshine and fresh air, take a natural approach to cleaning rather than using the often harmful, sometimes polluting, and usually expensive cleaning products. The Eco-Justice Committee offers to you some planet-friendly, healthy alternatives compiled by Sister Imelda Schmidt, OP newly returned to ministry at Heartland Farm. We will share her wealth of wholesome hints throughout the seasons. Click here for April’s tips.
  • Do you have plans for Earth Day? There are numerous events and rallies occurring across the country throughout the month of April. Click here for a listing of events and here for a listing of People’s Climate Movement events. If you’re participating in an event, feel free to take along one of our banners and send pictures! We have banners in Columbus, Kentucky, New Orleans, and Kansas.
  • You can also participate in Earth Day through prayer. Our Eco-Justice Committee would like to offer this prayer. Click here to download the Earth Day Prayer; feel free to use excerpts or edit it to best fit your needs).
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Do not be afraid – Go, tell!

“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary…ran to announce the news…. And behold, Jesus met them on their way and…said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. Go tell…'” – Matthew 28

Blog by Sr. Amy McFrederick, OP

Today I am thinking about these women running to announce the news of Jesus’ Resurrection – and about all those who down through the centuries have continued to tell the story for 2000 years – and especially those in our own lives who have passed on their faith to us!

In reflecting on the wealth of joy, peace, guidance and wisdom that has filled my life because of those who shared their faith with me, those who helped nurture my love for Christ and my faith in his Resurrection, I am deeply grateful for all those announcers of Good News to me.

When I was about a five year old (before our family became Catholic) my sister, Ruth, and I would go with the neighborhood kids to a Baptist Sunday School held in borrowed rooms of the Will Rogers Public School building down the hill from our house. We prided ourselves in our perfect attendance record – and were rewarded by special prizes which we cherished beyond their worth! Continue reading →

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Journeying toward the Empty Tomb in the Triduum

Pat Dual
Blog by Sr. Pat Dual, OP

As we journey together towards the “empty tomb,” let us remember:

Let us remember the holy self-gift of God in the Eucharist.

Let us remember, wait and pray as the story of the sacrificial cost of our salvation unfolds.

Let us remember and rejoice in Love who enfolds us and emerged from the “empty tomb” to ensure for us the promise of eternal life.

May you be blessed during these days of the Triduum and may you be filled with peace, hope, and joy at Easter!

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