Something Lost, Something Gained

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Last Friday, someone asked me (kind of out of the blue): “Do you know what IHS means?” Surprised, I answered: “Well, yes it’s on my Profession Ring and I was told they are the Latin or Greek initials for Jesus Christ Savior.” And I held out my hand to show off the simple gold ring I have worn since making my final vows in 1965. In doing so, I was reminded of how much this symbol has meant to me over the years. Though I don’t think of it a lot, it has always been a quiet reminder that I have been given a special gift of a call to religious life as a Dominican Sister, and that I have given my life gladly in response to this gift, walking with and trusting God with “all I have, all I am, and all I will ever be” in vowed live in a community of prayer, study and service*. (*quote from Timothy Radcliffe, OP).

It was less than a couple of hours later when sitting down with a friend at a restaurant, I just happened to notice the ring was missing on my left hand. I was not aware of it having slipped from my ring finger, and could not imagine how or to where it would have disappeared. Alarmed, I began searching my pockets, my purse, the seat and floor around us. After finishing our meal, we both searched the ground all the way back to the car, around and inside the car—all to no avail. The ring was gone. The search has continued, but with less and less hope of finding it.  It was something precious to me, but now something lost!

As I reflected on my deep feelings of loss around this precious ring, I asked myself why was it so important to me? What meaning has it carried for me? It seemed that losing it was causing me to reflect on my graced life, stirring up deep gratitude as memories of sisters, classmates, friends and family, people with and among whom I have ministered, places where I was privileged to visit, live and/or minister came to my mind. So the shock of this loss was now gifting me with a renewed recommitment and an ever-deepening appreciation for all that this ring has symbolized for me.  Focusing on the countless precious gifts this life has poured on me these past 50+ years, the pain of losing it is receding. Yes, something lost, but also something gained… Is it time for me to simply hold on to the renewed and deepened meaning and let go of the symbol? Could be, but I am still asking St. Anthony to find it and return it to me if he can! And I probably will keep looking for it.

Have you ever lost something precious and find that in the losing, you have gained something more?

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  1. Amy, I know how precious my ring is to me, too, as a reminder of my espousal to Jesus. This question came to my mind as I read your reflection. Do you know how long it has been missing? Could it been taken off of you before you went to surgery?
    St Anthony is my baptismal patron. Maybe he gave me the message!! Jolene

  2. Dear Amy,

    Your poignant reflection on your lost profession ring reminds me of the large mural in our chapel of Catharine receiving a mystical ring from Christ. Thus we never had a ring, but borrowed one for Profession Day only.
    Later in congregational life, probably when we wore secular dress, we began to have a common ring.
    Perhaps you may consider the “lost” ring as an invitation to enter more deeply into your spiritual union with Christ.
    Love, Elaine s-c.

  3. I’m so sorry this precious ring is missing. I love rings and that is one ring I never got to wear and envy. Recently I noticed my daughter was not wearing her wedding ring, when I asked her why she replied, “I do not need to wear a ring to remind me of my love and commitment. This is true, it’s just a thing, but it does have meaning. While we don’t need things, symbols are important. I will join the others to pray your ring shows up.

  4. How devastating to lose a ring that meant so much to you and had graced your finger for so many years–I’m so sorry! A number of years ago I realized a gold watch and a $20 gold piece on a gold chain were missing. I have no idea what happened to them or where they might still be as I’ve searched high and lo, but think perhaps our Good Lord was wise in taking them away. I think these things can become a distraction from our love of God, and perhaps when our Good Lord realizes what value we place on them, he finds a way to bring our focus back to Him (where it belongs).

  5. I will pray to st Anthony too that you find your ring! Also my deceased dad helps me find things. I will ask him to search too. God bless you

  6. Well, Amy, I hope you find your ring!
    So sorry……. Let us know while we continue to beg
    St. Anthony, OK? Martina

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