It’s the Simple Things That Matter

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Simple words. Yet, they hold powerful messages that can have a life-altering impact on our relationships with each other.  How often do we stop our busyness and give our undivided attention to another? How often do we look at each other and truly see the other person?  How often do we hear beyond the words and listen with our heart?  How often are we present to the moment, not letting the moment slip by and missing the gifts we can not only give to each other but also receive from each other?  How do you feel when someone looks you in the eye and extends a simple hello, a smile, a nod that acknowledges your being?

Life doesn’t have to be complicated if we remember the simple things to stop, look, listen, and be present to ourselves, to each other, and, in turn, to the Divine.

Sometimes I think we forget how important we are to each other. Or how we impact each other when we forget the simple things like acknowledging each other and listening to each other’s stories or reaching out with an affirming word or touching gesture. We can become so absorbed in where we are that we forget to see and hear each other. In so doing, we can miss an opportunity to be Christ-like with each other.

So let’s make it a practice to STOP what we are doing on occasion and spend time being with ourselves and with each other.  Let’s LOOK more often to where we are and BE PRESENT in the moment to ourselves and to each other.   As we STOP, LOOK, and are PRESENT to each other, we might delight in LISTENING to God’s Spirit within us and around us.

Keep it simple. Wisdom comes from simplicity.

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5 responses to “It’s the Simple Things That Matter

  1. Thanks, Mary Ellen,
    This reflection is really a good examination of how we can be better in all our relationships and bring about peace within ourselves and those we connect with.

  2. Thank you, Mary Ellen, for your inspiring reminder to Stop, Look and Listen to God and to each other.

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