2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Carole Hermann, OP

2017 Golden Jubilarian, Sister Carole Hermann, OP

Sr. Carole has served her Congregation and the Church in a variety of ministries throughout her five decades as a religious Sister. She began her service teaching elementary school children in schools in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. “Their joy and eagerness to learn helped me to seek to learn, and to look forward to new opportunities for growth in my own life,” Sr. Carole says.

Sr. Carole opened herself up to those new opportunities by continuing her education and moving into a pastoral care ministry.  As part of this new role, she served as Chaplain at St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville, OH and at Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT.

Sr. Carole has served her Community as a mentor to several women in the initial stages of religious life through formation ministry. In discussing her time in formation ministry, Sr. Carole says, “I am in awe at the power of God’s call to religious life and the generous response by the women who service God’s people through a commitment to religious life. Each of us has a unique and sacred journey, and God is present in every step.”

She returned to Columbus, OH in 2016, where she currently ministers to her Sisters at Mohun Health Care Center, a skilled nursing facility for members of the Congregation and other religious.


Yes, I want to make a donation to the Congregation in Sister Carole’s honor!

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