Wisdom Figures for Peace

Blog by Sr. Mai Dung Nguyen

Who would think a health care place would not be a place for finding peace? I must say, at our Sansbury Care Center in St. Catharine, Kentucky, peace and inspiration are always present and spreading out endlessly.

I am not the only person who shares this feeling at this place. One time, I took my confirmation students to Sansbury where they learned much about the Sister’s stories as well as received the wisdom and faithfulness of our Sisters.  Most importantly, the students felt at peace with the Sisters. Some even shared in letters to the Archbishop of Louisville that this experience with our Sisters was their favorite memory from the confirmation class.

Recently, while sitting in front of Sansbury, I saw two Sisters going outside in their electric wheelchairs.  Both are 99 years old with 80 years each in religious life. They sat in the sunlight facing each other.  From afar, I could see their smiling faces as they shared a peaceful, joyful moment. The beautiful landscape and nice weather added to their peaceful presence and made me feel a touch of heaven right here on earth.

“You are really Dominican Sisters of Peace!” I said as I approached them.

“Yes, we are. We are really at peace.” They replied with beautiful smiles.

Sr. Columba Casey OP (left) and Sr. Paschala Noonan OP (right) enjoy a moment of sunlight and conversation in front of Sansbury Healthcare Center in St. Catharine, KY.

This is exactly what being a Dominican Sister of Peace is about. We strive to bring peace to every moment we live, regardless of any physical limitation or age. These two Sisters did not know how much peace and inspiration they brought to me on that day. When I shared this moment with an Ursuline Sister, she said, “They are wisdom figures.”

Because the world we are living in is so violent in so many ways, we need more wisdom figures for peace like these Sisters at the Sansbury Care Center. That is why our mission to BE PEACE, BUILD PEACE, and PREACH PEACE is so precious and wonderful.  It responds to the needs of our world.  In this inspired mood, I heard a challenging invitation inside me; “Would you and your congregation call yourselves together as a whole to discuss deeply this ongoing peace mission?”  Would you consider this invitation to be a peacemaker too?

For women under 50, who feel called to live and build God’s peace, we encourage you to discern your call in religious life with the Dominican Sisters of Peace by contacting one of our Vocation Ministers.

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4 responses to “Wisdom Figures for Peace

  1. What a wonderful meditation, Mai-Dung!! You also are a peaceful wisdom figure. And I loved the picture of
    Sr. Columba and Sr. Paschala. Definitely wisdom figures in our modern world. Keep up the good work!!

    Love, Kathleen

  2. Thank you Mai Dung for sharing about our home. Yes, we are at peace here. God is good to give the opportunity of spending our last years here at Sansbury. We appreciate the love and care that we receive.
    Blessings. Sister Corina

  3. Thank you Mai Dung, for sharing our peaceful wisdom with your Confirmations Class. The fact that you also experienced the peace of the two Sisters as you observed them AND the fact that the two Sisters expressed that they are truly at peace is a witness to me that there definitely is hope for peace for all.
    Bless you !

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