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John Lennon’s “Imagine” has always been one of my favorite songs.

For me, the song represents what I have always hoped for — a world where things that divide people do not exist. Like Lennon expresses in the song, I wish for world peace and harmony.

I find it amazing that a song released more than 45 years ago has as much relevance today – when we are surrounded by cruelty, hate, poverty, racism, and fear. The call for peace is needed as much today as it was in 1971, when the song was released.

I was reminded last week of Imagine’s ability to transcend age, culture, religion, race, and other things that keep people apart when a friend shared with me a video of Pentatonix singing Lennon’s Imagine.

In the moving video, the five-member a cappella group shares a message of inclusivity.

Each member holds up a sign with a word that describes her/him personally and then flips it over to show another word that characterizes him/her generally. The words and phrases include “LGBTQ+,” “Man,” “Jewish,” “American,” “Black,” “Christian,” “Latina” and “Woman.”

At the end of the video, each of the five members takes a board and writes a letter on it. When they flip them over in unison, the letters spell out the word: “H-U-M-A-N.”

The powerful video is a beautiful reminder that we should work to realize unity in diversity because – despite all of the labels that can divide us — we’re all human.

John Lennon (and his co-writer wife, Yoko Ono) asked us to consider what the harmony of one humanity would be like:

“Imagine all the people living for today.”
“Imagine all the people living life in peace.”
“Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”

In 2017, Pentatonix is still asking us to do some intense soul searching to examine the things that divide us. Like Lennon, the group speaks directly to the humanity within each of us with a plea for justice, morality, and unity.

Take a look and listen:

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  1. Thank you, Colette, for a prayerful several minutes. I have loved both “Imagine” and the Pentatonix for years and haven’t listened for a while. I first heard them singing ,”Mary, Did You Know?” years ago and love that one too. You and they spoke to my heart again.

  2. Very powerful statement. I remember singing this song at a PEACE rally in New York City in 1980 as we marched by John Lennon’s home. Still even more relevant today.
    Thanks for your reflections.

  3. Thanks, Collette, for this blog..Yes we need to remember, and continue to imagine over and over, and share the dream …over and over.

  4. This goes right along with the old, “If everybody just let one little candle, what a bright world it would be.” Nice though, but the issues facing us today are far more complex than that. I would love to see a world filled with peace and love; and if you have the answer, then please tell me how we can accomplish that. Jesus came, and they crucified him for preaching the same message. What’s changed in the human condition?

    1. Hello Karen, my name is Pat, I am an old 75-year-old married lady. I was raised in a family that was half Protestant and half Catholic. After many years of searching and disappointments I felt I needed to leave church doctrine behind and focus exclusively on the Bible as my source of authority. Too many divisions and contradictions in all the churches with what scripture actually says for me to fully trust their examples.

      So I’m texting to address your question above, But not from my own head or my own originality. This is a very good question that you have raised and a common one, and one for which I believe all sincere persons seek the answer. The Bible answers your question perfectly, the answer has been there all the time. Shame on Christian leaders for failing to teach it clearly and properly, and to not thoroughly answer the question as to ” why things are so bad and why nothing has changed since Jesus was here”.

      To do the Bibles answer justice, it’s important to go back even before Jesus’ time and note that in the garden, God did not tell Adam that he could tell other people what to do by setting up governments with humans taking the lead. God told Adam that he could have authority over the vegetation and the animals but when it came to deciding what was good and bad or right and wrong for himself and others, God said that Adam should always check with Him first. And a special tree pointed out by God and designated by the title “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” was placed as a reminder that humans must always check with the Creator, the manufacturer of the universe and designer of human life, BEFORE deciding what courses to take here or there.(Gen.1:28,2:15-17)
      Satan challenged this right to rule or God sovereignty and lied and said that God was holding back something good from humans.(Gen3:1-5) what a vicious malicious lie, and we’ve been suffering for it ever since.

      Only God has the ability and right to decide, or set the standard for, what is good or evil, man does not have the ability nor the right to set those standards fairly, perfectly or justly with wisdom at all times. The total failure of all global human institutions to bring world peace and order (even with the UN), have proved this to be true. Jeremiah reminds us of this at Jeremiah 10:23.

      All the foregoing is the reason Jesus told us in the (Our Father or Lords Prayer) to pray for the “Kingdom (world government under him) to come”. World leadership under the “Prince of Peace” the “Son” Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:6,7) is the only way the global peace and security that started in the paradise in the garden of Eden will ever be restored to the earth. (“thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”
      (Matt.6:10 also Psalm 37:9,10,11, 29,22,34).

      Satan encouraged Adam and Eve to rebel against God and in effect serve him instead of God. Satan and men under his control, have had 6000 years to try every form of government and none of them have worked and Satan and his demons are too powerful for humans alone to overcome. Only God and Jesus can take them out. And that’s what the “War of Armageddon”(Rev.16:14,16,Dan.2:44) will do. Until that time we have to wait patiently on God. He has a time schedule and it won’t be late the Bible says(Hab.2:3) In the meantime we do the best we can to live up to the example that Jesus set and if they kill us for being peacemakers, he said don’t worry about it I will resurrect you, you’re not better than I am if they persecuted me they will persecute you also if you stand up for my Fathers principles. (Jn.15:18-21). It is not the popular course and only few will get on that road(Matt.7:13,14) Nevertheless Jesus set the ultimate example of what a peacemaker should be, and he also, by his loyalty and obedience to his Father Jehovah even to the death, proved that he would be a wise, just and qualified world leader. No human politician could ever run on the platform of ending sickness and death and feeding the hungry and controlling the natural environment preventing disasters. Yet Jesus by a sampling of miracles did all of these things perfectly, giving us a foregleam of things to come.

      So Karen, if you’ve read this far you deserve a Purple Heart, ha ha. As you may know, there is actually much more in the Bible about all of this, including why God has waited so long, until our day, to step in and intervene in man’s affairs and stop all the madness. We know from all the scripturally predicted world events, that are occurring now (Lk21:7-11) that we’re very close to seeing the end of this Devil- controled wicked old system of things. Very soon now Jehovah God and his Son Jesus Christ will usher in a beautiful new earthly paradise.

      So the very catastrophes we are seeing now is what Jesus said would be the clue for us to “lift up your heads because our deliverance/ redemption is getting near”(Lk21:28). Mans global woes are now more hideous and unbearable then ever before in human history and they must be stopped!! And that’s exactly why the whole Bible was written to explain to us why we are here, how we got into this mess, that we are not abandoned by God, that he has been patient with our “experiment” and that He, God intends to destroy Satan the Devil, his demons and all bad people and make the earth peaceful and beautiful again through his very qualified Son and “King of Kings” Jesus Christ.

      We don’t know exactly how, but it was a miracle of course, how Jehovah God “wound down” the life force of his powerful spirit son and transferred it to the womb of a Jewish girl to be born as a real flesh and blood human being. So for a while Jesus lived here on the earth in a fleshly body just like Adams perfect body, to prove Satan a liar and prove that a perfect man could remain faithful under test, even to death. Then Jesus was resurrected by his Father and was exulted back to heaven in a spirit body like he had before and was awarded kingship over the earth by his Father. (Phil2:5-11)
      Our original human father Adam failed to remain loyal to God and his disobedience damaged his fleshly organism so that genetically we no longer have the ability to live forever, but God can fix the broken human genome and he promises to because his original purpose to have perfect people living forever on the earth has never changed.

      So Jesus now knows exactly what it’s like to be not only a powerful spirit creature in heaven, second in command only to God, but Jesus also now knows what it feels like to walk around in the flesh as a human thus making him qualified to lead humans back to the perfection Adam lost.

      Well enough of this for now, I hope you will take the time to verify these statements by looking up the cited references in the Bible itself. This has been entirely too much to read at once, I apologize, I obviously don’t know when to quit. If this has made sense to you, you can email me back. Or if you ask me for my number I will give it to you and you can call me on the telephone or text me if you want to be subjected to anymore Ha. Sincerely Pat

  5. Powerful video, thanks for sharing. How could this video be send to Associates in Puerto Rico?

  6. Colette,

    Thank you so much for challenging me in this amazing
    video! This is not my generation, music, or anything I would seek out, but I always appreciate your blogs. This did not disappoint!

  7. So grateful for your reflection on the song, “Imagine”. It is still one of my favorites and I make a daily and use my imagination with each phrase.

    Blessings and deep peace,
    Sr. Brigid

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