It’s All About the Biscuits

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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I looked back to some of my previous blogs and saw that I wrote a lot on prayer, the need for silence and simplicity when we pray. I think I might have been trying to tell myself something. Do I really pray from my heart?

I want to share a prayer that someone sent to me, maybe some of you saw it, but it is worth passing along. It is a prayer given by a farmer at a parish breakfast. Here it is:

“Dear Lord, I hate buttermilk.

Lord, I hate lard.

And, O Lord, you know I do not much care for raw flour.

But, Lord, when you mix them all together and bake ‘em up,

I do love those fresh biscuits!


So Lord, when things come up we don’t like, when life gets hard,

when we just don’t understand what you are saying to us,

we just need to relax and wait ‘til you are done fixin’

and probably it will be something better than biscuits.”

Not a lot of fancy words there, my friends, but a solid and deeply resounding reminder that every day we are given experiences and have encounters that draw on our souls to respond. Prayer is the best expression of that response. So look around you, see the needs, the successes, the tragedies, the triumphs, the sadness and the joy, and that is where your prayers are needed.  Have faith and you will get better than biscuits.

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7 responses to “It’s All About the Biscuits

  1. Pat–I never heard the prayer but I absolutely love it! And I will remember it–there’s nothing like a good metaphor.

  2. My husband and I were fortunate to be taught by Dominican Sisters in a Dominican parish in Zanesville,OH. Mike went on for 4 more years of Dominican influence at Providence College.
    My memories are of men and women who were spiritual, intelligent, caring, and who exhibited common sense and a sense of humor. I think it was the common sense/balance that influenced our lives the most. They gave us a solid foundation of church history, church teaching and sacramental life that was combined with that common sense/balance and remains with us today in our 70’s. Thanks and God bless all of you!

    1. Dear Kay,
      St. Thomas Zanesville was my first teaching assignment in 1974. Mary Flood was the organist at the time. It was a wonderful experience but brief, only two years. I still have some awesome memories.

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