An Angel Came From Where I am Not Sure

Blog by Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

An angel came from where I am not sure, sent to this Nazareth town, to seek an answer in the gray mists of night. What far off starlit kingdom sent him here? How did he know to visit me? Was he on his own? He seemed to know his mission, although I was not at all sure of what his message meant. Who told him to come here and disturb me with his words?

“The Lord is with you”, he said in a whisper that pierced me in my soul. God’s favor? Is not every daughter of Judah special in the eyes of the Lord? Do we not all seek to serve?

An angel came — was sent to me, — from where I am not sure, and I cannot tell you what he looked like, so bathed was he in light and so veiled in mystery.

This visit was an enveloping, a cocooning in light and darkness all at once. I felt swaddled in the power of the Lord, in the angel’s coming, and although I was thrilled and fearful, puzzled and curious all at the same time, all was strangely well. He made nothing clear, no plan, so few details, only that I would bear a son in the same way Elizabeth came to be with child. No more a miracle could there be but that which came to Zachariah and my sweet kinswoman! Elizabeth and I would be co-conspirators with God. Emmanuel, “God with us.” An ancient promise kept.

An angel came, from where I am not sure, but nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is impossible with God, of that I am sure.

Then the angel left vanishing like a whisper in the night, just as I was realizing I had been visited. The angel left. Disappeared like footprints in a puddle, leaving barely a trace of evidence behind. He left no assurances that my family would understand or that Joseph would know what to do or even accept such a story. The angel did not tell me his name, so I’m not sure he actually spoke in words to me. But I know what stirred in my soul, a something or someone came to me in this forsaken place where nothing of consequence ever happens.

What did I say yes to?

Tanner Annunciation
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22 responses to “An Angel Came From Where I am Not Sure

  1. Tanner’s Annunciation is beautiful and startling. I have a copy of it and love it, Your blog, Ann, captures it very well. Thank you.

  2. Anne, indeed you have a remarkable gift – truly this is one of you finest – but so many are exceptional! You ought to publish some day so many more can be gifted and inspired! Thanks for making these Advent days more meaningful! Blessings and gratitude

  3. Anne,
    Thank you so very much for your inspiring reflection. It is beautiful. I will use it during my prayer time.

  4. Anne, this is the second Angel message this year. I believe I’m very completely guided and guarded by Angelic power. There’s no other way my life is possible. I just take a moment, listen, wait, and see what has been put before me. Then I Go. Thank you dear friend for reminding me.

  5. Anne,

    Thank you for this beautiful (blog) reflection on the visit of an angel. Your writing is intriguing and inspiring. Likewise,
    the lovely picture by Tanner is new to me. It will be with me all day on this Solstice, 2017.

  6. Lovely reflection, and your choice of the Tanner Annunciation is appreciated. It’s one of my favorite paintings. Thanks, Joanne Thomas OPA

  7. Thanks, Anne. You really captured what Mary might of been thinking after her visit with the Angel. You have a wonderful gift of writing. I love reading it. Merry Christmas. See you in Great Bend in 2018!!

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