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I was watching a program where six women were interviewed about the Women’s March.  The Pro Life women complained bitterly about not being allowed to participate in the march.  “That’s right,” declared the Pro Choice Progressive Party representative.  “You’re different from us and not invited to our march.” How sad. When there are so many issues facing all women today, regardless of their position on abortion, their political affiliation, their race, culture, or religion, why, oh why, are we fighting each other instead of banding together?

I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s when women began to assert their independence.  Did we work together to break the stereotypes of women’s lives and professions? No.  Working women criticized stay-at-home Moms. Stay-at-home moms criticized working women.  Really?  This rivalry has been present forever, keeping us apart rather than bringing us with our power, intelligence, and industriousness together.  I always believed that the Women’s Movement was about allowing all women (and men) to set their own unique courses for life and knowing that other women would support them.

What if Sarah and Hagar had raised their sons together? Would we have the strife between the monotheistic religions we are experiencing today?  Or what if Madame Defarge had joined forces with Queen Marie Antoinette to solve the hunger issues of the people?  Maybe the French Revolution would have been avoided. (Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have had the Tale of Two Cities, either!)

Back to the ProChoice/ProLife conflict.  It is a definite and serious issue. But couldn’t we take some time to set aside our differences and work together to help women, especially very young women, to avoid pregnancy?  And couldn’t we work together to make the lives of all children more healthy and safe? There are education, health, housing, and environmental issues that need work. Instead of speaking ill of each other, let us march together for the rights and dignity of all.

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16 responses to “Let’s Work Together

  1. Thank you, Barb, for a great reflection. Please send this reflection on to Nancy Pelosi, and ask her to send it along to the speakers after her. Thank you for accepting the Justice Promoter position.

  2. Our politics are dominated by extremists, the democrats and repubs are not the same as they were in the 60’s when ther positions were more to the center. Womens’s rights now center on abortion, leaving us “women libbers” to pursue our lives in our own desires and not the dictates of society. Leadership, mentorship and a return to Western Values” and especially God and spirituality. Enjoy your new ministry Sr.. God Bless You.

  3. Barb, as usual, you hit it out of the park, again. Thanks for being so wise and sharing it with the rest of us. God bless you.

  4. Oh, so true. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront Sr. Barbara. What is more heartbreaking is when it happens here, among our very own. What has happened to our peace? We smile at each other, and behind someone’s back, well we just don’t seem to spread that peace we talk about. Many blessings to you!

  5. Well states, Barb. Thank you. To find common ground is a task needed in so many areas today. Cardinal Newman, it has been said, voiced that we need to suspend our strongly held beliefs long enough to hear those of those with whom we differ, so that we do not go on the attack nor become defensive, but can enter into fruitful dialogue. Your post invites me to do that. Thank you.

  6. I just listened to Senator Nancy Polosi’s 8 hr. (last hour) speech. Like your comments was so inspiring.

    But what followed immediately was Democrat lady speaking negatively about the Republicans and followed by Republican with more negativity towards Democrats. All those inspiring words about/by the Dreamers were eclipsed by all the negativity, God help us all!

  7. Thanks for asking the right questions,Barbara. And thank you for accepting the position of our new Justice Promoter. I have always appreciated your interest and passion for justice. God bless your comings and your goings into a new life. Diane Traffas

  8. It does seem that women have been against other women making any sort of progress from the beginning of time. Perhaps that’s why men do so well in the workplace; they have the “Old Boys Club” to mentor them and help them up that ladder of success. You don’t see that sort of help in most businesses from the women at the top lending a hand to those just starting out. What’s wrong with us?!

  9. A very good reflection, Barbara. I could not agree more.
    Thank you for agreeing to be our next Justice Promoter.
    I always look forward to some direction from our promoter to be able to share with our Associates and the sisters here in Kansas.

  10. Agreed! However, in seeking to understand the ‘why’ we need to examine the cultural, religious forces which have and continue to shape women in western Europe and elsewhere for eons. We are just beginning to demand rather than ask for equal respect from men in both society, culture and our male commandeered religions.

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