Can you feel the Fire?

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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The Acts of the Apostles are exactly the Scripture passages we need to be reading these days. They are filled with the stories of the new communities being formed after the Resurrection. They convey that enthusiasm generated by the Holy Spirit. The words of the apostles and their activities are proof positive that Jesus is alive and well in their hearts and minds and must be talked about wherever they travel.

So why now is this so important? Look around, my friends. Most of our world is in pain in some way. We could all make lists of the ailments in our areas, I am sure. But listen, we are the apostles of today! Have we lost some of that enthusiasm that we see and hear in the apostles actions and words? They do not seem to be afraid of anyone or anything so long as they are speaking with the fire of the Spirit and using the words that Jesus gave them

For me, I turn to a Gospel song called “Fire”. The refrain tells it all:
Fire, shut up in my bones…it won’t leave me alone;
Gonna sing ‘til the Almighty power comes around;
SPIRIT’S got me so I can’t sit down.

Am I on fire with the Gospel? Does it matter to me anymore? Of course it does, but how is it shown in my life? That is the 21st century question.



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One response to “Can you feel the Fire?

  1. Hi Pat! Acts has meant so much more to me this Easter.
    I really appreciated your words. Hope the Spirit’s got me
    so I can’t sit down!!!


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