All for the Wall

Sr. Doris Reagan served in a ministry to the people of Honduras for 18 years.

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. On June 17, the New York Times featured a front-page picture of a little girl in red clothes at the border. She was crying as her mother was being patted down by a border agent. They were from Honduras as are so many others. Similar pictures have appeared each day and have touched the hearts (and souls) of many – myself in particular – because they represent the hundreds of children and families I knew and loved in Honduras during my 18 years in that country.

We are hearing of more than 2000 children separated from their mothers. We question the misuse of selective Biblical quotes used as justification for “zero tolerance” policies. We can’t believe it.

We notice once again that no one is asking why these families make their way to the border through the desert, the rivers, and all the other dangers. They know full well what may await them but they are desperate. Honduras, for example, is a military government (and considered as dangerous as the gangs that rule its cities).

We question why the voices of Congressional men and women do not shout out, why the wives of Congressional members do not speak out

Our President wants a “physical wall” at all costs. We fear that the cost of “the wall” will be the excuse to do nothing about the children.

Law is meant as a protection for the common good – Jesus’ law is about the love of enemies as the readings of this week tell us. How we see the “other” determines how we act.  We exist in relation to one another as God’s children. That seems to be a foreign language to this administration.

Those who espouse “zero tolerance” are really afraid. So let us not be afraid: to speak out, to love, to be who we really are: preachers of the truth, preachers of love and members of God’s family.

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7 responses to “All for the Wall

  1. Thanks,Doris,for sharing the reality of your experience in Hondorus. I wonder how many Americans realize that our government, through its policies and backing these corrupt governments, are responsible for creating the situations that
    caused these people to escape their countries.? We have a responsibility to help them.

  2. Doris, thank you. I think the missing part in all the coverage of the horrible situation at the border is an understanding of what drives parents to embark on dangerous journeys with their children. So many Americans seem to see them simply as people who choose to violate our laws, and not as families fleeing unspeakably dangerous situations in their own countries.

    1. Yes, Mary Ann, this missing part is so necessary to include for just treatment of these folks. Thank you for mentioning it.

  3. Thanks Doris for giving a different voice for the appalling situation of the migrant children than what is being presented each day by our government officials. It is inhuman, unjust, unbiblical, and against all that we believe is what our country represents

  4. Thank you Doris. The situation is heart-rending. The trauma for the children and the parents is so profound. We know part of the damage and scars it will leave behind. How any of us can stay silent is unimaginable. How a civilized country can justify it is also unimaginable. May God’s holy angels surround all those suffering.

  5. Doris,
    Thank you for your loving, passionate message. I join you and all our sisters in speaking out against these crimes of our government and am not afraid to be a preacher of truth and love.

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