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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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What is it about kids and a plate glass window? No matter how many times we wipe off their fingerprints, lip smacks and breath marks, they just keep coming back for more. They want to leave an imprint somehow so that we know they have been there.

In the Gospels, Jesus tells us that we are the salt of the earth and lights for the world. As Christians, we need to leave an imprint, too. People need to know that we have been here, too.

Christians cannot stand by while children are being separated from their parents and are herded into detention camps because it is alleged that those parents are coming into this country illegally. News reports show us that the centers are clean; the children have clean clothes and food; they have bathrooms and people to watch out for them. How bad can it be? Except that now suddenly there are “tent” cities being erected by our Department of Health and Human Services and costing millions of dollars, that should help, right?

Please pay attention to the news reports and requests for getting in touch with our elected officials. The City Council of New Orleans has filed a joint resolution stating its conviction that the actions being taken are inhumane and even un-American. You know everyone won’t agree with them, but they are leaving their imprint.

This is only one issue where Christians can make an imprint, can be salt and light. The country we live in as Christians needs more salt and lots more light. There are way too many plate glass windows waiting for the imprint of some valiant Christians.

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7 responses to “The Imprint of a Christian

  1. Pat, Thanks for these wise words. Our world today, especially our own country, needs our voices to shed light on these injustices.

  2. Thanks, Pat! Your thoughts are indelibly expressed. Now if we can make that type of impression where it is so needed!



  3. Pat, thanks for your imprint that you’ve left in my mind for what you have said about children and parents. We Americans (some) are leaving bad imprints.

  4. Indeed, our world needs a flood of positive imprints from those of us who believe in loving one’s neighbor. Thanks, Pat.

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