2018 Silver Jubilarian Susan Zemgulis, OP

Silver Jubilarian Susan Zemgulis, OP

If you want to know what happens on a Dominican retreat, Sr. Sue Zemgulis is the woman to ask. As she celebrates 25 years of religious life, she also celebrates 25 years in retreat ministry. She has served at a number of Dominican retreats, including the Dominican Retreat Center in McLean, VA; Kendall, FL, and Niskayuna, NY. Today she serves as the Administrator of the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center in Niskayuna, NY, where she helps to plan events and maintain a place of peace for anyone who desires to grow personally and spiritually.

Yes, I want to make a donation to the Congregation in Sister Susun’s honor!

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11 responses to “2018 Silver Jubilarian Susan Zemgulis, OP

  1. Sr. Sue,
    Joe and I are so blessed to know you and your ministry. We have both benefitted from your wisdom, song, quiet humor, and genuine spirit of loving care.
    You are an amazing asset to DRCC, and though you have help, we recognize you as being the driving force of it’s tremendous success.
    Congratulations on 25 years of service to the people of God. Thank you! De Colores!

  2. Dear Sister Sue,
    Congratulations on your 25 Year Jubilee! I am proud to know you! You have been a source of wisdom and support to me! Thank you for all you do for the DRCC!
    Kathy Nooney
    PS You also have a great sense of humor!

  3. Congratulations on your 25th Jubilee and your 25 years of retreat ministry. so glad our paths have crossed for many years in Schenectady. May you be rewarded with many more years in His service.

  4. Sister Sue,
    Congratulations on your 25 years. You have helped me in so many ways. But especially the way you live and give. Keep letting your light shine!
    Love and DeColores,
    Wendy Marino

  5. Congratulations Sister Sue. I am so blessed to have attended retreats that you have directed and also so blessed to be on the Cursillo Women’s Weekend 61 with you.

    Anne Wasielewski

  6. Congratulations on 25 years of service to Christ!!! He chose wisely when he tapped you on the shoulder. Your quiet, wisdom-filled spirit is a blessing to me and to all those that know you. I am honored and blessed to call you my friend! Peace Be With You

  7. Such an amazing accomplishment for such an amazing person. My growth as a human has been guided by this wonderful woman! Thank you thank you Sue. Thanks for sharing the person you are with me and allowing what you share to help mold me into a better person. <3

  8. Susan, congratulations on your 25th year of Jubilee. May our gracious God continue to bless you on your next journey. Love, Alicia

  9. Hi Sister Sue,

    Just want to congratulate you on your 25 years in retreat ministry. We have all benefitted from your love and talents. Thank you!

  10. Sister Sue,
    You have been such a blessing to the Cursillo movement. Your warm welcome and spiritual guidance has been much appreciated. We celebrate with you! De Colores

  11. Congratulations! When I think of what a Sister should be…I think of you. You are an amazing women and I feel blessed to have you in my life.
    Here’s to 25 years of amazingness!

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