We Are Making A Difference

Blog by Sr. Barbara Kane, OP, Justice Promoter

The Dominican Sisters of Peace and their Associates will be meeting this weekend for an assembly. It’s a wonderful and exciting opportunity to gather, visit with friends, and engage in stimulating dialog.  The Dominican Sisters of Peace committed to justice work from the very beginning of our founding – nine years ago –  building on the work done by our founding congregations for many years.

In our chapter commitments, we expressed our desire to promote non-violence, unity in diversity, and reconciliation. We committed to work with those who are marginalized, especially women and children, and to identify and transform oppressive systems.  We pledged to foster God’s web of life by advocating and supporting just policies and decisions to reduce the impact of global climate change.

It’s so gratifying to witness the sisters and associates put these commitments into action through March for our Lives, Wear Orange Day, and Keep Families Together rallies and marches. It’s encouraging to see them reduce their use of single use plastics in Motherhouses and convents.  It’s inspiring to see sisters reach out to the marginalized in their ministries – to assist women who have been trafficked, to counsel transgender women, transport immigrants to numerous appointments, tutor many nationalities, walk with families torn apart by ICE raids, teach children about the importance of nature, and many others.

Our Justice Committees speak to what our priorities are:  Peace and Nonviolence, Immigration Reform, Anti Trafficking, and Eco Justice.  Through their efforts, we have educated ourselves and others and motivated ourselves to act on issues around these topics.  I am very grateful to these dedicated committee members.

We have made many phone calls, written letters, and signed petitions to protect the Affordable Healthcare Act, SNAP, Gun Safety bills – legislation designed to protect the marginalized.  We have approved four corporate stances on Immigration reform, to end human trafficking, for common-sense gun safety laws, and to reduce the impact of global climate change.  And especially, we have prayed.  Prayed each day for children to be returned to their parents and for an end to war and violence around the world. We are making a difference.

Thank you, sisters and associates, for your passion for justice.  As we meet this week, let us celebrate our accomplishments and energize ourselves to carry on.

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6 responses to “We Are Making A Difference

  1. Barbara: Thank you for giving me a “voice” in action to these serious issues our society faces on a daily basis. I really do appreciate that “voice” and give my promise to act whenever I can do so within my limitations of age and ministry at this point in my life.

  2. Thanks Barbara for your inspiring words. You always know how to express it. May our gracious God continue to bless you abundantly. Peace, Alicia

  3. You continue to inspire us to be more. More for the Dominican Sisters of Peace, more for God’s people, especially the marginalized who so desperately need our love and compassion. As St. Catherine so poignantly stated, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

  4. I look forward to our time together, and appreciate your insights and prophetic preaching.


  5. Great, Barb. You are always right on target. God bless you for all that you do and for all that you encourage others to do.

    God bless you and all the work that you are doing.

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