I’ll Pray for Them Always

Blog by Associate Theresa Kempker, OPA

In June, Muslims around the world observed the end of Ramadan, their month of fasting, with the holy day of Eid al-Fitr.  In Columbus, a local hate group advertised that they were going to gather outside one of the mosques on this day and hassle the congregants as they went to worship.  Soon, a request went out for people to make a barrier of love around the mosque, to separate the Muslim congregants from those who would hinder their right to worship.

We gathered at noon on a very hot, sunny day.  I quickly found some Sisters and Associates.  We waved at the Muslims as they came in, the Muslims brought us water, and the other group stayed across the street with some nasty signs.  After a very hot hour, we went home.

A few days later, I was having lunch with a Muslim student of mine.  She was saddened by the vitriolic language that she kept hearing.  After talking about the news, I told her that there is hope, and I described the barrier of love.  She was so touched to hear that these people came out in the heat so that Muslims could go to worship.  She got tears in her eyes, and then she said, “Please tell them that I will pray for them always.”

May the prayers of this student combine with ours to make a world of peace.

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12 responses to “I’ll Pray for Them Always

  1. Many thanks for your witness and sharing it with all of us. Now I want to share a true story — at the hospital where I was a chaplain one of our nurses — CAtholic — had a terminal diagnosis. Her doctor — a Muslim — suggested to the me and the priest chaplain that we have a prayer service for her!! Embarrassed at not thinking to do so we scheduled one and of course he came to it. A wonderful man of prayer.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this true story of hope encouragement Theresa. So uplifting for us all. Peace!

  3. What a lovely story — thanks so much for sharing it. My personal belief is that there is only one God, but He’s the same one the Jews, Muslims, and every other group who believe in peace and love also worship (just by a different name). As JohnI 4:16 teaches us, “God is love, and he who dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him.” What you did in providing the barrier for the Muslims was simply being instruments of God’s love. God bless you for it!

  4. What a touching story, Theresa. I love hearing how simple actions can improve the lives of others, especially those who have immigrated to our country.

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