My Own Song to God

Maidung Nguyen OP

My soul is showered with the love of God,
My spirit is dancing in You, my Companion.
You are God, who has looked at me deeply,
Behold, from now on, my life is resting in You.

You have been with me always
Your Name is in my heart forever.
You have heard my deepest desires
leading me into my innermost thoughts.

My empty soul, you have filled with your abundant graces.
 My dried and anxious heart has been replaced with your peace
You have given me new eyes and inspired me with vision
missioning me to be the instrument of your fulfillment.

Your words, people, and your creation
have come to light my life and strengthen my faith.
Let your love and peace continue to nourish me,
And let me be your light and salt for the world. Amen.

I wrote this ‘magnificat’ and edited it several times during my discernment and formation process, and I still edit it occasionally. As a Dominican Sister of Peace, I realized that the call of religious life is God’s call for me to allow God’s love and peace to be magnified and glorified through every moment of my life.  It is a call to be loved unselfishly, to be peace, to share love, and to build peace no matter what. It sounds inspiring but living authentically with such a call is another story.  It is so because I want to control the outcomes of my life, which often leads me to fear.

God understands our human weakness.  “Do not be afraid” is the common phrase that God has sent out to affirm people whom God has called for God’s mission. This includes Mary, many others, you and me.

Blog by Sr. Mai Dung Nguyen

Mary sang her Magnificat to glorify God and to be Co-Savior, teaching us how to live in love and peace. I’ve been using my Magnificat to praise God as a Dominican Sister of Peace. How about you? What would help you move forward with God’s call? What would your ‘magnificat’ look like?

If you feel you are being called to a more intimate relationship with God and to bring God’s love and peace to the world, yet are unsure of how to live out this call, “do not be afraid” to contact us. We will help you and journey with you through your discernment process. Please consider attending our next Come and See retreat weekend in March 2019. Call us for more information.

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9 responses to “My Own Song to God

  1. Mia,
    Thank you for sharing your very personal-transforming reflection of PRAISE as Mary Praised her Creator God. A beautiful example of how to pray scripture in a personal way.
    Nancy Jane

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Magnificat, Mai! I like the fact that you edit it as you grow in grace and love.

  3. What a beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing it. And, just as the Living Word is not static, your Magnificat is a living work. God bless you Mai Dung.

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