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As a Vocation Director, I often meet with discerning women over a cup of coffee, tea or even the occasional bowl of vegan lentil-kale soup.  It does not matter what it is that we are eating or drinking – it is the conversation and being together on the journey that matters.  

I remember such meetings when I was discerning my call.  My sister companion and I would meet in a local restaurant over steaming platters of Chinese food, wonton soup and fortune cookies.  We would settle into the vinyl booth and talk for hours about the vows, what it really meant to live in community, how it is possible for four women to share two cars and not get into fights…then in between those topics we settled the problems of the world. 

Since entering the congregation I continue to cherish extended community dinners where we take the time to savor our food and the company of each other.  On any given day the conversation may be about ministry, a family gathering, the “Nuns on the Bus,” or whether or not the Sox are going to win the World Series – which they did!  Go Sox! 

Religious life is about many things but, one of the significant elements that ties it all together is community.  It isn’t always without conflict, but it is the best place for me to become all that God wants me to be and to do it with companions on the journey. 

God Calling?? Call us to begin the conversation with one of our vocation ministers. 

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2 responses to “Companions on the Journey

  1. Thanks June, and Ceil — and thank you to all the sisters who create community. This year will be one of the few times in my life when I actually will look forward to returning to ‘the place where I’m living’ after the holidays. I will do this because the place where I’m living now, the DSOP house of welcome in New Haven, is a home, and it is filled with community, with all of it’s joys, challenges, and opportunities

  2. Wow. Great words. Annette and I ate in many Chinese Restaurants during my discernment.

    You are correct sharing a great meal in community and the conversation that went with it.
    Creates great memories for me. Thanks for the reminder. Ceil

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