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Today is the feast of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, both from Cappadocia in Turkey.  Basil and Gregory were best friends from the time of their initial studies in their early 20’s.  In their later lives they were pivotal in defending the Church against the Arian heresy.  I would suggest in honor of their feast today it might be a good time to thank God for our best friends.

Thank you, God, for my best friend in life…
Who has helped me believe in myself and accept myself as I am,
Who has helped boost my self-confidence.
Who has been unswervingly encouraging
And has fostered my personal growth.

Thank you, God, for my best friend in life…
Who has taught me how to respect differences
And to honor still my own beliefs.
Who has been my best sounding board and listener
And a place where honest opinions about anything can be shared.

Thank you, God, for my best friend in life…
Who has been a shoulder to cry on, providing comfort,
Yet open to being needed in a mutual way.
Who is understanding
To the point where many words need not always be spoken.

Thank you, God, for my best friend in life…
Who connects me to a world wider than of my own devices
And who has taught me to live more intentionally,
To laugh more deeply,
And to love more profoundly.

Thank you, God, for my best friend in life…
Who is always loyal and protective,
And yet who has taught me new things by a challenge of my status quo.
Who always has been, is, and always will be available,
For unconditional love and support, which reveals to me the face of God.

I pray I have been a best friend to you too!

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3 responses to “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (BFF’s)

  1. I love this prayer! Particularly, when I was in the Novitiate, bff’s were frounded upon . It’s good to know you (Dominican’s & probably many other religious orders) realize there’s nothing to fear that we have someone we can share our thoughts, fears and prayers.Thank you for sharing this prayer! God bless you and all religious people! I truly admire and honor religious women for all your sacrifices you’ve made in your life time!

  2. Thank you Connie for your inspiring experience of what makes a best friend and not to take them for granted.
    What a gift it is and I pray that everyone will have or be a best friend to someone.

    Blessings and the joy of friendship,

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