A Day of Peace at Barefoot Schools in Zambia

After finishing her studies at Ohio Dominican University, Sister Juliet Mwaba returned to Kasama, Zambia, where she ministers at the Barefoot C.C.S..  Among the items that she took back to Zambia was a suitcase full of Peace t-shirts, which she used to help create a wonderful event at the school – a special Peace Day.

The teachers and staff at Barefoot C.C.S. talked to the school’s students about peace and invited the students to create songs and poems to celebrate with dancing and drama.

Teachers and staff evaluated the songs and poems and awarded prizes to those that they judged to be best.

The students were also invited to express, by painting or drawing, how they could create peace in their own situations. This was a special event for the children since they do not have access to paper or paints in their homes in the bush.

Each child also received a Peace shirt and the students wore them proudly.

We are so happy to help spread peace to a new generation in Zambia.

Poster for the Barefoot School Day of Peace.
A prayer for peace at the Barefoot School.
Students performed traditional dances.
Students created and performed plays and poems about peace.
Students at the Barefoot School join to sing hymns on the day for peace.
The children read scriptures about peace.
Students at the Barefoot School in their new Peace t-shirts.
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12 responses to “A Day of Peace at Barefoot Schools in Zambia

  1. It is wonderful how you have taught the children about peace—first they studied scripture, then they prayed. FINALLY THEY EXPRESSED Their joy and understanding of peace by dancing, drawing, and drama. You have integrated you teaching of peace in a way that will bear much fruit!

  2. Grateful for you, Juliet and the ways you are letting peace
    flow in your students and in the world. We miss you here
    in Columbus yet we know you are about gospel living in
    Zambia. Please pray for us as we do you.

    Your friendly sister,

  3. Thank you Dominican Sisters of Peace for helping our pupils at Barefoot School, may God reward you for your generosity.
    I miss you so much.

  4. This story and the beautiful photos give me joy. Thank you. Sending blessing to our sisters and brothers in Kasama, Zambia.

  5. Whenever I wear my Peace t-shirt I’ll remember you and your students in prayer. Loved having you here, Juliet, and miss you. We are together in prayer.

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate their lives! Thank you, Juliet, for sharing your photos and story!


    Pat Mood, OP

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