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Fifty innocent individuals were slaughtered at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand last Friday.  It was done by a self-professed white supremacist who wrote that he wanted to kill as many people as possible.  Why?

On the following day, I participated in a press conference at CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations). Each of the imams and Muslim leaders described calls and texts from children and teens in their mosques who wanted to know if it was safe to come to prayer.  They were afraid.  Why?

Later that evening I prayed Taize prayer with discerners and sisters at the Come and See Weekend in our motherhouse in Akron. As I sat in silence, it occurred to me that not one of the twenty or so women in the chapel were afraid to come to prayer. The majority of us were white and we had never experienced hatred because of our skin color or religion.  Why?

Why? Why? Why?  As Dominican sisters and associates of Peace, we must condemn the heresy of supremacy that teaches that one race, religion, or nationality is superior to another.  It is evil. It is not what the Scriptures teach. At the same time, we must also pray for conversion of heart for those ensnared by this heresy. Is this hard? You bet. It’s much easier to pray for the victims and we must do that; but, we also have to pray for conversion of hate to love.  We cannot match hate with hate.  Join me please, in prayer so that children will not be afraid to go to prayer.

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  1. I have students who always do their homework, but they were too sad over the weekend to concentrate. They take this very, very personally. We talked about all of us getting along, and we wished the rest of the world could get along in the same way, Orthodox, Protestant, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, many languages, many skin colors.

  2. Thanks for this good reflection. It makes me think our church has had a hand in all that. We use to say strongly that we were the “only true” church, whatever that means. Many still say it, without realizing how arrogant that is and how demeaning it is to others. How often did Jesus say how he was the only true Son of God, etc.? Yes, lets humbly pray for our enemies.

  3. Barbara
    We cannot match hate with hate.
    Let us pray for conversion of heart for those ensnared by this heresy.

  4. Thank you, Barb. I am with you in prayer for all those who hate. Hatred can only be overcome with love so we have our work cut out for us.

  5. Amen! I teach many beautiful Muslim children art in the evenings after school. It terrifies me to think of any harm coming to them because of the hatred in the heart of a mad man. So I will pray that goodness and love will conquer hate!

  6. I am praying with you and all others who wish to abolish prejudice, hate and white privilege from our personal, and broader community lives.

    We know that hate begets hate. Do we really believe that love begets love and that such love excludes all that diminishes respect for the dignity of each and every one?

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