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I was looking at the list of “notable month-long observances” and on the April calendar is National Month of Hope.

Hope – the power to believe that anything can happen; the thing that keeps us going when we want to give up; the very thing that Ralph Waldo Emerson said we get by giving.

Hmmm … Can we really get hope by giving hope?

Some scientists, religious leaders and advocates of various causes say that we can. And my life experience tells me that we can. Whenever I have lifted the spirits of someone, I have found that it fuels my own resilience – imparting hope to others actually gives me hope.

Every day, each of us is presented with hope-giving opportunities (whether we recognize them or not). Today, I am encouraging you to take advantage of those opportunities to bring a ray of hope to the world by contributing your wisdom, time, kindness, and resources.

Here are a few ways to brighten the days of others:

  • Volunteer at a shelter, mission, or food kitchen.
  • Have a meaningful and healthy conversation with family, friends, or co-workers.
  • Donate to a charity.
  • Post words of hope on social media.
  • Take the time to share your story of overcoming with someone who is going through hard times.
  • Volunteer to read to children.
  • Help clean up and beautify neighborhoods and parks.
  • Encourage someone to keep going or working toward a goal.
  • Spend time with someone who is lonely.
  • Praise someone for the good you see in them.

April is typically a time when buds come into full bloom and brighten our days.  It can also be a time when we commit to lending a hand in lifting the spirits of others – giving hope that will sustain us throughout the year.

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5 responses to “Brighten the lives of others with hope …

  1. So grateful for your message of hope and how little
    things mean a lot, Colette.

    God bless,
    Sr. Brigid

  2. Colette, this is beautifully done. Thank you for all your suggestions to create hope. I will do my share in posting on social media, signs of hope. Have a blessed birthday tomorrow, April 2!! Love u

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