A Holy Week Reflection

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George

As I reflect on what Jesus went through on Palm Sunday through Good Friday, I have a number of questions. What must it have been like for Jesus to go from being met with adoration on Palm Sunday to dying on the cross by Good Friday? How could he utter the words, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” after he was nailed to the cross and in agony?

I wonder if Jesus recognized that the cross he was carrying on Good Friday was ultimately a gift he was giving to the world.  How often do we see that the cross we carry can also be a gift?  Life is full of paradoxes and parables.  By carrying his cross, Jesus shows us that suffering can be transformative and does not have a forever hold on us.  Jesus put his trust in God and his death teaches us to TRUST that God will be with us in our darkest hour. His resurrection teaches us to have FAITH that our lives have meaning and a purpose.

Jesus’ death and resurrection also encourages us to trust that there is always HOPE and newness after difficult times. Think about your life. What moments have you experienced where you rose from the ashes of desolation? How have your experiences moved you to a deeper sense of compassion for others?

May our questions lead us to seek a deeper understanding of Jesus’ life and bring us to a closer relationship with our loving God.

What cross do you bear?  What gift is embedded in the cross you carry?  Are you willing to take up your cross and share your gifts with others by serving God as a religious sister?  Are you ready to answer God’s call?  If so, contact one of our Vocation Ministers to begin the journey of becoming a Sister.

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2 responses to “A Holy Week Reflection

  1. Thank you, Mary Ellen for your inspiring reflection for
    Holy Week. It is much appreciated and I do pray for vocations and our own Dominican Sisters of Peace.

    A joyous Easter to you and your family.
    Love and peace,
    Brigid, OP

  2. Thank you for reminding me that my cross is a gift to others. It doesn’t usually feel like it but it surely is. Have a Blessed Easter.

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