God Plants Us Where We are Needed

Blog by Associate Colette Parker

Keanon Lowe is being hailed as a hero for tackling and disarming a student with a shotgun inside an Oregon high school.

Lowe, however, said in a television interview that he acted out of instinct and believes that he was “put in that room in that very moment for a reason … I think things in my life prepared me for that moment … I thank God that no one got hurt, and I thank God that I was in that room.”

Those words have stuck with me since I heard them come from the mouth of the former University of Oregon football standout who is now a football and track coach and security guard at the Oregon high school, where the gunman was taken into custody and no one was injured.

All I can say is “Look at God!”

God not only placed Keanon where he was needed, God gave him the tools that he needed to do what he needed to do in that moment.

I think we can all agree that over the course of our lives, we find ourselves in all kinds of places and situations – at school, at work, at home, at church, at the store, in a voting booth, in a restaurant, in our neighborhoods and communities, etc. Could it be that we are in those places for a reason? Could it be that God has prepared us to do a particular thing while we are there?

I don’t know about you but I have been in many situations when I couldn’t begin to understand why I was there or what I could possibly learn from being there.

But I have come to a place where I believe that God wants to use us for a purpose and that God plants us where we are needed at a given time. It may be for a long time or a short time, but God is intently involved in the process of where we should be.

I also believe that God is always preparing us for what’s to come, giving us the tools and skills necessary to deal with the situations that we face – even when we are not aware of the purpose.

God prepares us to weather the troublesome periods of our lives and to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Wherever you are right now, God has called you there to treat the people around you as bearers of God’s image who reflect the beauty of God’s kindness, love, truthfulness, justice, and grace to the world; to resist evil and chaos; and to share agape love.

I know that Keanon believes that God placed him for a purpose.

Where has God place you?

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7 responses to “God Plants Us Where We are Needed

  1. Very nice article. I believe in this aw well. God alway’s place’s people where they need to be. In other’s path’s or live’s.

  2. Your message is so true, I have benefited from this special gift. Friends turn up when needing a connection and love.

  3. I agree 100%. When I heard that interview it reminded me that God is always in control and knows what is needed right then. ALL things work together for good…even when it doesn’t look like it. We will understand when we see Him face to face.

  4. I was saying a prayer of … well, desperation, frankly …. for finding myself in a situation over which i have no control but see too clearly. Those more directly involved do not have the distance – and may not be able to change it either . so i am praying my way along and just anxious when I saw the subject of your blog, Colette. It really helped me in a moment when I needed just that message. It allowed me to loosen up and (try to, remember to, begin to) trust that my presence here, in the midst of this, has meaning. Thank you. To those reading my response, please pray for God’s love to be clear to the innocents.

  5. Thanks, Colette, for this insight!
    I needed to hear this right now.

    Peace and blessings,
    Jennifer Heiser, OPA

  6. Beautiful reflection, Colette! I’m ruminating on God’s getting me to the place God chooses!


  7. Again I thank you, Colette, for your message. I am happy that God has placed me here to work with you and the Associates. A life-long journey for me. Praise God!

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